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How Paver Patterns Help Define Outdoor Living Spaces

If you’ve decided to have a patio, pool deck or walkway installed using pavers, you probably read it over and over again while you were researching your options: ‘The possibilities are endless” and “Limited only by your imagination”.  While not quite infinite, when you consider color, texture, and pattern options, there are quite a lot-

Pave the way: using pavers to side step a common pitfall

Footworn paths in the grass don’t have to be an eyesore. Here’s how pavers can help. We’ve all seen them and we’ve all helped make them: shortcuts across lawns that leave ruts in the grass. They are called “desire lines” or “desire paths” in civil engineering circles. Usually found on college campuses, in amusement parks,

Spa Retreat: Integrate a hot tub into your Hardscape

The benefits of hot tubs are widely known. Incorporating a hot tub addition to an established Hardscape may be easier than you think. You’ve seen the glossy pictures of luxurious retreats, of steaming-hot baths enjoyed outside, and you’ve decided it’s time to build the dream in your own backyard. A nice long soak in a

Slopes and steps: Landscaping your hill

In the breathtaking catalog spreads on home and garden sites, page after page display perfectly level yards with expertly installed plantings. If you’re lucky enough to have a magazine-ready, flat area as our outdoor space, you have a great start. But if you are facing the seemingly Sisyphean task of beautifying a hill, it can

Hardscaping for a Hero

In the Spring of 2016 we told you about a great group of teens and young adults who were planning to build a patio for a wounded veteran out of donated materials from EP Henry. Guess what? The patio is done! And the vet has already heard special requests from his little ones. Read on for details

9/11 Memorial

Little town gets big relic to include in a 9/11 Memorial. EP Henry was there to help. About 120 miles south of One World Trade in New York City and a stone’s throw from Atlantic City, NJ, the little town of Absecon will dedicate a $200,000 September 11th memorial built with the largest relic saved

To design a grand entrance to a home, it’s essential to pay attention to the driveway.

Your own personal access road Back in the old country, “driveways” were simple, private roads leading from the trade routes to a castle’s entrances for staff and guests. These roads were maintained solely by the castle residents and usually consisted of a utilitarian single lane made with nothing more than grass, gravel or (in more

Color Your Outdoor World – Inspiring Paver Colors

Think of your outdoor room as a blank canvas. Your outdoor room is an extension of the house, but it is also an expression of you. Just as your indoor decor choices inside reflect your unique style, your outdoor spaces deserve the same careful curation and dedication. Choosing the right colors of paving stones is

Curb Appeal: Driveways

Realtors stress the importance of “curb appeal” when selling a house. First impressions count. Landscaping is an obvious concern, but your home’s Hardscape likely covers more ground and attracts the eye more than your greenery does. Many times a homeowner will overlook the impact of the home’s driveway. Driveways can cover the largest part of

The Look for Less- Using Pavers to Recreate Famous Alleyways

Do you have a side yard or walkway that you’re just not sure what to do with? Perhaps it’s too shady; or, maybe it receives too much traffic to grow plants. Why not try something really special by recreating a famous alleyway right in your very own backyard? Elfreth’s Alley Located in Philadelphia and built between