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To design a grand entrance to a home, it’s essential to pay attention to the driveway.

Your own personal access road

Back in the old country, “driveways” were simple, private roads leading from the trade routes to a castle’s entrances for staff and guests. These roads were maintained solely by the castle residents and usually consisted of a utilitarian single lane made with nothing more than grass, gravel or (in more wealthy fortifications) stone.

Today many a homeowner has their own private road to maintain. This little bit of drive covers a major percentage of a property’s hardscape, but so often it’s overlooked as the major contributor it can be to the home’s overall look and feel. If you think about it, your driveway is probably the first part of your property guests encounter. Guests will often use a driveway to get to your front walkway. Friends and family pull right up to the side door, bypassing the front entrance altogether.

The benefit and beauty of driveway pavers

Homeowners often accept a large, black swatch of asphalt as a given in their attempts to improve their home’s curb appeal. Granted, asphalt is quick and a very common solution. Your neighborhood is probably filled with asphalt driveways. Imagine how much more curb appeal your home, and your whole neighborhood, could have with driveways that are an extension of the homes’ thoughtfully designed patterns and colors.

Paving stones are a more affordable option than you may think, and you’ll be amazed at the difference they make to the appearance of your home. The variations of patterns available are limited only by your imagination, and the color palette can match or complement any home’s exterior design. But one of the best benefits of a paving stone driveway is the ability to design it to be environmentally friendly. A permeable paver system manages storm water by allowing rainwater to sink through the system into the ground, keeping it where it belongs and out of the town’s storm drains. And that is a very beautiful thing.


Inspirational driveways can spark your imagination!

While your home may not be as big as these modern castles, you can have the same effect in the proper proportion. Even small driveways can be stunning!

Visit our driveway gallery for even more idea.





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