Lifetime Warranty from EP Henry

“A warranty no other Hardscaping™ company offers.”


EP Henry provides a limited warranty with a proof of purchase (invoice or delivery slip).  This warranty is for residential use only and does not imply a warranty for commercial applications.

If there is a defect in the structural integrity of a warranted paving stone or wall system product, EP Henry will supply, free of cost, an adequate quantity of replacement paving stones or wall system products of the same type and size as the defective product necessary to replace the affected area. EP Henry cannot guarantee the color match of replacement units. Depending on stock limitations or discontinuance of any product, EP Henry has the right to provide the purchaser with a replacement product of equal value. This warranty does not extend to the removal or hauling of defective paving stones or wall system products, nor does it cover the installation of the replacement product.

A defect in “structural integrity” means the inability of a properly maintained paving stone or wall system product to perform the function for which it was designed due to defects in material. A defect in “structural integrity” does not mean a function caused by improper installation or workmanship This Warranty is only valid if the materials are installed under the guidelines of the ICPI (, the NCMA ( or the EP Henry installation guideline manual. Improper Installation and/or use of non-proprietary cleaners or sealers may void warranty.

The Guarantee does not apply to splitting, chipping or other breakage that could be caused by impact, abrasion or overloading. This warranty does not apply to any damage resulting from a natural disaster or from a deliberate and or negligible act on the part of the purchaser, owner of the building, installer or any third party.

* Efflorescence, a whitish, powder-like deposit that sometimes appears on concrete products, in no way affects the structural integrity of the paving stones and will wash and wear off over time. The use of concrete setting beds may also increase the possible occurrence of Efflorescence. Because this is a natural occurrence, EP Henry accepts no responsibility or liability for this condition.

EP Henry paving stones are made from natural, environmentally friendly material, and therefore, variations in color may occur. Important Notice: A bolt-on urethane protection mat must be attached to the plate compactor as a precaution against surface scuffing on all EP Henry paving stones.

Any implied warranties of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose are limited in duration as stated above. The exclusive remedy under this warranty is replacement of a defective paving stone or wall stone.  EP Henry shall not be liable for incidental, special, punitive or consequential damage arising from any breach of warranty.  Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations may not apply to you.  Any court action making a claim under this warranty must be commenced within one year of the date on which the defect was, or in the exercise of reasonable care, discovered.  This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.



Click here to view the Cast Stone Wall warranty.


At the completion of your project, CLICK HERE to complete the Lifetime Warranty Form to register for your Lifetime Warranty.



If you believe there is an issue with product style, color, or quality, do not install it and please contact your distributor immediately. Save all cube tags and provide to the distributor or manufacturer’s representative who comes to the job site. INSTALLATION OF PRODUCT IS DEEMED ACCEPTANCE. No claims or returns on installed product will be allowed.


Efflorescence is a whitish, powder-like deposit common on concrete and masonry products which will normally disappear over time with natural weathering. According to the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI), it will typically stop developing within 18-24 months. Although it may present an aesthetic concern, efflorescence will not affect the structural performance of pavers or wall systems. Efflorescence is a natural occurrence for which EP Henry accepts neither responsibility nor liability. For more information, please visit:,,, or


Polymeric haze from the use of polymeric joint sand may appear on your pavers if the sand was not removed from the surface of the pavers properly. This does not in any way affect the integrity of your pavers or the installation. The haze will weather away naturally with time. If you wish to remove it with a cleaning product, it is recommended that you contact your distributor or the manufacturer of the polymeric sand used for advice and product recommendations. EP Henry accepts NO responsibility nor liability for this occurrence.


While no concrete product is truly de-icing salt proof, EP Henry Pavers – due to their high strength and low absorption rates – are more resistant to de-icing salts than concrete, asphalt and pavers that utilize inferior materials. However, misuse of de-icing products can, over time, lead to damage. EP Henry recommends the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute’s guidelines to limit exposure to de-icing materials. For more information visit


EP Henry Hardscaping products are made from natural materials and variations in shade can be expected. Additionally, many of our colors are achieved through a random mixture of several colors and the presence of any of these colors will vary from one unit to another. It is recommended that the installer draw from multiple cubes of material during installation to disperse any color variation more uniformly. The end user of the material (home or business owner) should make their selection from current physical product samples that show the range of color.


EP Henry recommends the use of a vibrating plate compactor with a protective pad to prevent surface damage to the pavers during installation. EP Henry will not be responsible for compaction scuffs or burns on pavers.


Some pavers should not be compacted using a vibrating plate compactor.