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How To Modernize Your Pool Area With Functional Updates

More people are looking ahead to a summer spent at home than ever before. And for many, that means making the most of their yards and outdoor spaces.

If you already have a pool, then you know that the pool area is often the focus of nearly all outdoor activity. For this reason, if you want to work on your yard, the pool area is the place to start. The following 5 updates follow the latest outdoor living trends and will help make your pool area more beautiful and functional, allowing you to get more out of your summer.

Add Convenience With Hardscaping and Pavers

Most pools will have some form of pool decking to surround them. The deck can help define the pool, protect your lawn from chemicals or salt, and can give you a slip-free area to walk around. But basic pool decks made of concrete do nothing for the appearance of the area. They also don’t help tie the pool back to the rest of your yard.

Instead, consider hardscaping the area in pavers, creating a larger deck area that can double as a patio, and include a walkway back to the house’s entrance. This gives you the opportunity to set up the deck in a variety of ways – add seating or other amenities – while also enhancing its appearance. There are a lot of different paver textures to choose from, so be sure and find one that complements your outdoor space.

Install An Outdoor Kitchen So You Don’t Miss Anything

The outdoor kitchen is one of the hottest additions to the yard right now, according to Fixr’s study on Outdoor Living Trends in 2020. This can be as simple as adding a built-in grill and some counters, or you can go for an elaborate outdoor kitchen setup with a bar, refrigerator, seating, and different cooking elements.

Having an outdoor kitchen means that you can now relax or entertain outside, without needing to continuously re-enter the home for drinks, food, or snacks. You can also keep an eye on your kids or converse with guests while you cook dinner, rather than needing to leave the fun.

Enjoy Your Space Year-Round With A Fire Pit

Extend your backyard enjoyment into the cooler months of the year and into the hours after dark with a fire pit. Fire pits give you the opportunity to add some heat and warmth to your pool area, as well as a visual focus.

Fire pits come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Choose from gas powered or wood burning, and consider building it out of similar materials as your deck or patio to create a cohesive look that ties the area together. There are a lot of ways to enjoy your fire pit, and they’re also easy to maintain.

Add A Pergola for Shade And Comfort

There are a lot of ways to add some shade and definition to a poolside area, but nothing is hotter right now in terms of design and popularity than the pergola. Pergolas traditionally were structures made of wood that you could add shade to by training vines over them or adding sail cloth to.

Now, however, pergolas come in easy to maintain vinyl and fiberglass, along with louvered slats on top that you can close to give you added shade. You can opt for a UV-blocking polycarbonate top that will keep the rain out as well. With a pergola, you can add a little shade and style to your poolside area at the same time. There are a wide range of pergola designs, so you can find one that fits perfectly into your outdoor area.

Don’t Forget About Outdoor Lighting

While a fire pit makes a great way to extend the use of your outdoor area into the evening hours, having adequate outdoor lighting will be a big help as well. Lighting around your pool area can mean being able to use the space more safely, while helping you navigate between the various entertainments and recreational areas you’ve set up.

Outdoor lights can come in many forms, from subtle walkway lights or patio string lights to more dramatic landscape lighting. Think about how you’ll be using the space as you plan the lighting of it to ensure it’s as functional as possible.

Modernize Your Pool Area to Increase Its Use

All of these upgrades will help you get more out of your pool area, whether you’re entertaining or just trying to stay safe at home this summer. Outdoor upgrades like these can add enjoyment and value to your yard, so if you’ve been planning on giving your pool area a makeover, be sure to give these five updates a closer look.



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