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Making the Most of Your Fire Pit


Ever since humans mastered the controlled use of fire we have been fascinated by it. The domestication of fire allowed mankind to add light to evening hours, cook plants and animals for food, clear land for planting, and help keep predators at bay. Maintaining a campfire became so important to prehistoric man’s survival that he would assign a “fire-watcher” from the tribe to look after the fire to prevent it from going out. Perhaps these are some of the reasons why we are instinctively drawn to fire.


If you have a fire pit, then you know what a favorite family gathering spot they are in the backyard. Stories by the campfire have been bringing friends and families together for ages and Hollywood has long since romanticized cowboys of the American West, where a campfire was an everyday part of life. Today, fire pits are used in both homes as well as commercial establishments as a means of delivering warmth and ambiance. Incorporated into a patio design, your fire pit will likely become a focal point and gathering spot for young and old alike.

  1. Enjoy the View: If you have property with a great view, locate your fire pit near the edge of the property. This way, people can enjoy the warmth of the fire while taking in the landscape.
  2. Place your fire pit where it can be seen from your interior living or entertainment space so that you can enjoy the show both indoors and out.
  3. Built in Seating: Incorporate a seating wall into your patio design and you’ll always be prepared for extra guests around the campfire. A seating wall also helps shield the flames and ashes from harsh winds.
  4. Safety first. Your fire pit should be a minimum of 10 feet from structures or anything flammable in your yard. It may need to be placed even farther away from your home, fences, or covered patio or shed. Be careful placing it near a heavily wooded area (or trim trees back) as overhanging branches could be a fire risk.
  5. EP Henry Fire Pits kits are manufactured to be constructed with or without adhesive. If you think that you may want to relocate it in the future, you can build it without it.

A fire pit is very easily maintained and can add loads of panache to your backyard. Remember, your backyard should be a designed with your lifestyle in mind. So whether you prefer an intimate seating area for just a few, or a large and rowdy sing-a-long crowd, a fire pit will surely draw them in like moths to a flame.


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