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Using Walls, Paths and Patios to Reshape Your Backyard

No matter how large or small your backyard is, there are ways you can partition and redesign your space to fit your outdoor living lifestyle. Depending on the complexity of the project and the space you have to cover, you can phase the project to fit your budget and timeline as needed.

By using pavers to build a walkway or patio, seating or retaining wall, you are investing in your property and adding to the value of your home.

According to, for every dollar spent on upgrading a backyard or outdoor space, a homeowner can expect to get back anywhere from 60 cents to $2. With up to 14 percent added to the home’s resale value, on a $500,000 home that’s nearly $75,000.”

Step Along

EP Henry Bristol Stone I and II Pewter Blend 16, Random Installation; 6" x 9" Old Towne Cobble Charcoal border; 3" x 6" Double Sided Coventry Wall, Pewter Blend pavers

Walkways are one of the simplest ways to improve your yard while providing your guests a way to move around without walking on the grass or accidentally trampling your begonias. Your space and imagination are the inspiration for how long and wide you want you walkway to be, and with a vast range of paver colors, textures, patterns and sizes, the sky is the limit as to your design options.



Party Space

Gathering in the backyard with friends and family will no doubt be some of your best memories, and a patio gives you an elegant and comfortable space to do it in. Bring a little living room comfort with colors, furniture and decorative elements that will give your guests reason to linger longer.

Create Layers

Your backyard may be flat, sloped or even hilly. Walls are a great way to level out space, add tiered dimension and organize your space while adding an eye-catching element to your landscape. With options including retaining walls for those multi-level yards, garden walls for smaller spaces and seating walls for patios, there really is a wall size and style for every backyard.

Invest in your yard this fall by adding a walkway, patio or wall system to your property to not only increase your home value, but enhance your outdoor living experience. With a return on investment of as much as 150%, it’s money well spent.

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