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Tie the knot: Macrame decor for your patio

Tie the knot: Macrame decor for your patio

This time-honored craft is a perfect decor accent to outdoor living spaces. Macrame, the art of knotting cord in geometrical patterns, is thought to be an ancient practice dating back a few thousand years to the Arab world. Merriam-Webster says the first known English use of the French word macramé was spotted in 1865. It was likely in reference to sailor’s habits of embellishing their knife handles or tools with the knotting technique. Ideal Home, a British decor magazine, cites macrame as one of the top decor trends in textures for 2018:

“Textiles take a playful role with lots of embellishments, raw edges and appliqué details … wicker furniture, macramé cushions or mixing marble with metal (perfect for modern lamp choices).”

Urban Outfitters, Wayfair, Amazon, West Elm, Etsy and many other stores offer a wide selection in macrame decor, including:

Plant hangers                   wall hangings
rope swings                      hammocks
pillow covers                    canopies
bags for pool toys            boho chandeliers
throw blankets                  mats and rugs
placemats                         wedding backdrops
privacy curtains                 room dividers

Plant hangers are the entry point for macrame decor. Easily found in many stores, macrame plant hangers are an easy and quick way to add this texture to your patio or porch. Instead of the plain white rope, perhaps look for colors that complement your existing outdoor decor. If colored rope planters prove difficult to locate, match the pots to the surrounding patio furniture. Dark-colored plant pots look great against a lighter color rope.

Look for pillow coverings that use the macrame texture to add interest to the patio furniture. String up a room divider as a backdrop for instant Instagrammable pics. Macrame backdrops for weddings can be hung from a canopy with some flower garlands for an ethereal effect.

If DIY is your thing, many basic macrame tutorials and instructions can be found on YouTube and Pinterest. A low-expense hobby, macrame has always been popular for generations of summer kids. If kids can learn macrame’s knotting techniques to make friendship bracelets and tote bags, you can learn to make a simple placemat. The cotton rope can be purchased online or at various home and craft stores. Have some supplies at hand for those slow summer days, and you’ll be knotting your way to rich and textured collection of macrame planters and decor for your patio.

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