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10 Fantastic Design Ideas for Pergolas

Some claim that the pergola was brought to us by the Italians during the Renaissance. This may be true considering the fact that Italy is famous for its green tunnels formed by the heads of plants bound together to form a spectacular arch.

A pergola is one of the most outstanding ways to decorate your garden, to create an exquisite outdoor living space, to show your guests you have an imagination beyond limits. A cozy place, aimed to offer peaceful shady moments, the pergola kit is a stunning feature in any garden.

The structure of any outdoor pergola kit has beams and posts, but is completely open; you have the option to attach it to the house or leave it freestanding. You may add climbing plants for a greener and fresher aspect. Many prefer complementing the pergola kit with garden items of furniture, such as sofas and armchairs, creating outdoor living spaces designed for relaxation and well-being. A well-designed pergola kit may quickly become a great outdoor room.

10 Fantastic Design Ideas for your Outdoor Pergola

  1. Install a sliding, rolling or concertina roof system that easily covers the pergola giving you a usable and flexible outdoor living space for rainy days. Common materials include canvas, plastic panels, timber panels and glass panels. Aluminum blades are also common and simply wind open and closed. Automated retraction systems, are fantastic, but can be pricey. With the press of a button, take your concertina roof down or unroll to block the hot sun or rain.
  2. Buy extra large pieces of colored fabric and simply cover the pergola by weaving it through the lattice or using clips to attach it to the beams. Be sure that however you attach the cloth you can remove it, so it isn’t affected by the weather. You’ll have the ability change the surroundings and offer yourself a new fresh look.
  3. Install low bookcases. To ensure your bookcase is water proof install ornate shutters or doors. They’ll look fabulous when open and, when closed, create a focal point for mystery and intrigue. A little slit or view point in the door could provide a compelling hint, a further invitation to explore. Now you have created your own cozy outdoor library. Reading is often better outside as the light can be better for reading but, more importantly, reading outdoors creates a sense of timelessness and a lazy decadence. Complement this new feature with the proper light. You are now ready to have a great night with your books in your outdoor living space.
  4. Add a fire pit next to the pergola and you will have the perfect place to relax. With easy to build fire pit kits, you can now have warmth and light with little effort in your outdoor living spaces.
  5. Place the pergola under beautiful trees so you may benefit from their natural shade. The smell of the leaves, the fresh air, and the nice green around you will bring you peaceful and cooler days.
  6. String colored light bulbs on the pergola kit for a charming evening: red, yellow, green or orange, they will all cheer you up with their vivid colors and create a festive atmosphere
  7. Put an accent on your home by attaching the pergola to your porch and you’ll have a stylish transition from the interior to the exterior space. You will also have now more shade for the sunny days.
  8. Install four hammocks using the outer beams and you’ll offer your guests cozy moments. Of course, available space will be your guide here. If 4 don’t fit without obscuring traffic zones and entrances,  try two at a caddy corner. Even one hammock will create a fabulous relaxation space or day time snooze zone.
  9. You may be able to build a pergola even if you live in an apartment. With a variety of kit sizes, you can use your balcony, terrace or possibly on the rooftop.
  10. Plant grapevines and let them climb the pergola. You’ll enjoy not only the shade and lush green surroundings but may within a couple of years produce an edible crop of grapes.

Either for shade or just as a fancy adornment, Pergolas create beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces for family and friends. We hope our ideas will contribute to your plans with a little bit of creativity and inspiration. Whatever your goals, a well-designed pergola will definitely make your outdoor living space a piece of heaven on earth.

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