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Hardscaping for a Hero

In the Spring of 2016 we told you about a great group of teens and young adults who were planning to build a patio for a wounded veteran out of donated materials from EP Henry. Guess what? The patio is done! And the vet has already heard special requests from his little ones. Read on for details and pictures.

In Centre County, PA, Instructor Joe Luther and his class at Central Pennsylvania Institute for Science and Technology (CPI), spent weeks in the planning of a patio for a lucky veteran. When it came time to work their plan, they surely did so, and they did it well. The students delivered a stunning patio for veteran Vince Reynolds.

In a video made by local news outlet, high school senior and CPI student Taylor Shook brushed off the praise she and her fellow students had been getting from the media since the project was made public. She and her classmates were simply grateful for the opportunity to learn and give back at the same time. ““You’re doing something great most kids don’t get the chance to do,” she said.

The CPI teens and young adults were generous with their time and energy. EP Henry was honored to be able to provide the class with the hardscape materials they needed to make this project stand out. EP Henry’s HeroScaping(r) program donates pavers and other materials to over 50 HeroScaping projects a year, but this vet’s patio will stick out in our minds as something really special. To see the students’ participation and passion for this installation warmed our hearts.

When we first brought you the story, the patio was still in the planning stages; Now Mr. Reynold’s backyard space is truly an outdoor room, an extension of the house where he can spend time with family and friends. “If we want to have family gatherings,” said Vince, in the same video mentioned above, “we were kind of limited before. Now we have that capability once again. … I’m honored that they are willing to do that for me.”

Did Vince have any special requests in the design of the outdoor space?

Just one: A fire pit.

“My daughters have been pestering me to cook s’mores.” Vince is looking forward to honoring that tradition in his new backyard Hardscape.

EP Henry has an entire catalog of paver stones and colors, but if you like the look of Vince’s patio, ask your contractor about a Cast Stone Wall in BreckenridgeBristol Stone I & II in Sonoran and ask for Devonstone capping. You can start dreaming today by looking through our catalog online or order a good old-fashioned glossy paper catalog to be delivered to your door.

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