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Color Your Outdoor World – Inspiring Paver Colors

Think of your outdoor room as a blank canvas. Your outdoor room is an extension of the house, but it is also an expression of you. Just as your indoor decor choices inside reflect your unique style, your outdoor spaces deserve the same careful curation and dedication. Choosing the right colors of paving stones is a step in the right direction.

The Autumn Blend pavers used on this pool deck installation are more natural in color. Here, color is brought in with dramatic landscaping and bold accessories.

Owners may think their color choices are limited when it comes to designing outdoor spaces because they mistakenly believe they must use the same exact colors and materials as the house. Good design increases the resale value of your home, but good design doesn’t necessarily mean uniformity. A variation in color and style adds depth and drama to a scene. Design theory is all about the most-pleasing mix of colors and shapes. Paving stones for walkways, driveways, patios or pool decks can use colors that are complementary to the house’s colors. This adds impact and interest to your curb appeal and the property.

In other blog posts, we talk about decorating your outdoor spaces with different types of light. In the art world, mixing light colors is called “additive color mixing.” An equal combination of all the colors in additive color mixing makes white light. To mix colors with solid paints (e.g. acrylics or oils) it’s called “subtractive color mixing.” Adding all the colors of solid paint will make black paint. Let’s call outdoor paver color matching “Hardscape color mixing.” Adding all (the right) colors will make a beautiful and welcoming outdoor scene that adds value to your home.

The Bristol Stone pavers in Sedona add depth and interest against this open landscape.

Psychologists have long known that color affects mood. Color is used in advertising to convey messages about the product. What kind of feeling do you want your Hardscape to evoke? The subtle changes in shapes and colors of your pavers can help or hinder your goals for the space. For example, outdoor bars can be sporty or sophisticated, just like commercial establishments can be. Pools can be designed to feel slow and relaxing or to be an exciting, active area. Color takes a big role in these decisions.

Here at EP Henry, we’re excited about our new offerings in color. We’ve tapped into a southwestern spirit with names like Phoenix, Sedona, Sonoran and Tucson, but the colors in the stones themselves can be integrated into many different palettes. Spanish or Italian designs often use the same color ranges.

Take a look through these pictures for examples of our new lines. Maybe it’ll inspire you to start some exciting Hardscape color mixing yourself.

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