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How Paver Patterns Help Define Outdoor Living Spaces

If you’ve decided to have a patio, pool deck or walkway installed using pavers, you probably read it over and over again while you were researching your options: ‘The possibilities are endless” and “Limited only by your imagination”.  While not quite infinite, when you consider color, texture, and pattern options, there are quite a lot- like thousands – of different looks you can achieve.   Any contractor that can tell you the exact number of choices there are has sat down and done some serious mathematical calculations.

Decision Making

Most folks already come armed with colors and textures that they admire. After all, you probably saw a completed patio or walkway that you fell in love with that inspired you to add Hardscaping™ to your property in the first place.

Which pattern to use is often the last variable in the decision making process. Because they come in different sizes and shapes, some pavers are created to be installed with a specific pattern or design. Keep in mind, that if you are looking to use a particular pattern, you may be limited to the paver styles that can be used to create it. Or, your labor costs and time will increase because of the additional cuts needed to make it fit. When it comes to what kinds of pavers to use for your space, a basic rule of thumb is that larger spaces look better with larger pavers (think pool deck or large patio) and smaller spaces look better with smaller pavers. (such as walkways or patios)

Optical Illusions

Running bond, herringbone, “I” pattern and basketweave, are just a few of the many paver patterns that are used.  Additionally, the angle at which you lay the pattern alters your space’s overall appearance as well. By laying the pattern at a 45° angle you will draw attention to the area, while pavers laid at a 90° angle will blend into the area better.

It is also true that geometric and complex patterns feature the Hardscaping™, while seemingly randomly placed pavers appear more natural.

Mix and Match

Using different paver patterns can break up large expanses and work to help define areas for specific uses like dining, conversational, or cooking.  By incorporating border pavers through a design you can create your own unique, larger pattern.

Think about using border pavers to outline flowers beds to help unify the space and tie the whole look together. Border pavers are a great way to keep edges looking tidy, while adding walk-able space

Contrasting bull-nose pavers are practical and are used for pool deck coping, step treads, or for bordering a raised patio.

Paver Focal Points

Another popular design element is a circle kit. These are generally used in larger spaces, and can be used to alone or together to create other unique designs. There are fan patterns and even pre-assembled kits that resemble European architectural elements and medieval family crests.

This fan pattern creates a dramatic entrance to the patio.

This should be a fun process, so have fun and let the pros guide you if you become overwhelmed.

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