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8 big ideas for a tiny patio

Urban and dense suburban spaces can be a bit forgotten in the design world. But don’t give up on the dream of an outdoor lifestyle. A tiny patio can be a great space.

Whether it is a fire escape, a roof terrace or a tiny back porch patio, every space can become something more. With the right inspiration, your tiny few square feet can become another room. Here are a few ideas for your small space.

  1. Cover the ground or floor with a rug or faux turf. Nothing defines a space like a floor covering. Adding a nice rug or grass changes a floor from forgotten to fabulous. It turns the space into a room, no matter how tiny it is. If you have a skinny tiny space, see if a carpet runner will fit. Look for one with plenty of pattern and color, in sisal or other outdoor-friendly fabric.
  2. Use the existing structure. If you have a railing or an awning, think creatively what you may be able to attach to those structures. Railings are hitting a bit of a renaissance lately, which means all kinds of ingenious accessories like grills and tables are designed especially for them. Awnings or overhangs can host outdoor curtains, which will act as walls, further defining the space and adding privacy.
  3. Lighting. Each room needs its own lighting. Consider lining the edge of the porch with tea lights, or stringing café lights along the wall or on the railing. Oversized hurricane lamps with big candles are great accessories for small spaces.
  4. Folding furniture. If the space has multiple uses, then consider investing in some steady and attractive collapsible chairs and tables. We aren’t talking about the plastic folding chairs found in a bingo hall or those flimsy tv dinner tables from grandma’s basement. Patio furniture has come a long way. Even folding Adirondack chairs exist. Look for chairs that are comfortable, perhaps even containing padding. Get a table that can expand for guests.
  5. Mini fridge. This is a good idea especially if your outdoor space is not near the kitchen. Always having drinks available on the patio is an invitation to sit out there and enjoy. Also look for fold-up bar shelves you can install on the wall outside.
  6. Built-ins. A corner can host a built-in bench or table. Even if it is small, a built-in really brings legitimacy to the space. It can be a DIY or a small project for a local contractor. Make sure to paint or stain it well. Throw on a custom cushion and you’re ready to go. Advanced Patio Development: Add some storage under the bench.
  7. Vertical Gardens. Along with the typical railing planters, consider installing a vertical garden on the wall. To get ideas, read our past post about petite gardens. If you have the space, an oversized, leafy plant might be the greenery your tiny space wants. Play with scale. A tiny space doesn’t mean everything in it has to be tiny, too.
  8. Hammock. A hammock that can hook and unhook can be just the item your little multi-use haven is missing. Make sure to install the hooks sufficiently high but always think safety first.

Every outdoor space deserves a chance to enhance your life. An outdoor lifestyle can be supported on just a few square feet. See what kind of space you are overlooking. Maybe your dream nook is waiting for you.


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