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5 Ways to add Color to your Backyard

Any gardener with a beautiful landscape design will tell you that they didn’t just get lucky when they decided what to plant. You can bet that careful planning went into making sure that their backyard garden “performed” throughout the seasons.

With the exception of wildflower gardens (where color is purposefully sprinkled throughout) it is generally thought that plant color in the garden is best presented in large groupings or waves and is either contrasting or harmonious in design.

We all know that color can be brought in with cushions, pillows, and rugs, but adding an unexpected splash of color you can instantly add visual interest to your outdoor living space or garden design.

Adding color to your backyard doesn’t have to be an expensive project, and there are plenty of other ways to add color to your landscape design without adding garden plants.

Customize your Patio Umbrella: Do you have a solid color patio umbrella? It’s easy to turn it up a notch by customizing it with color and patterns using outdoor acrylic or fabric paints. This project is much easier than it sounds, and only requires minimal craft skills and experience. Layout unique patterns with painter’s tape, or create your own custom design using stencils from a craft store. Carry the design onto plain outdoor rugs or pillows for an exclusive designer look.

Accent tables: Add a pop of bright yellow (or any other bright color) to your backyard with some side tables. Inexpensive end tables can be found at most yard sales and can be transformed in an afternoon with some light sanding, primer and outdoor spray paint. Can’t find two of the same? No problem, painting them the same color ties them together and adds a funky, modern look.

Talavera Pottery: This distinctive, brightly colored earthenware is imported from Mexico or Spain. Talavera pottery design can be found in birdbaths, wall sconces, tiles and planters, and offer a unique way to tie monochromatic textiles together. Use caution, they are best used as a single statement piece so that they stand out.

Pavers with Color:

ColorTech™ pavers from EP Henry are the latest innovation on the market.  ColorTech pavers have an increased depth of color as a result of a proprietary sealing process. Unlike topical sealers, ColorTech is an integral, sealer applied during production . Since it’s cured into  the pavers during manufacturing the contractor doesn’t have to apply a sealer after installation, saving time and money. These pavers have an enriched depth of color and resist staining.

Gazing Globe: You may also know them as a Gazing Ball or Garden Globe.  These ornamental spheres were a standard in Victorian gardens, and they are still popular in both formal and informal gardens today. Designed to sit within a stand, they come in an array of colors and patterns and add a touch of nostalgia and captured light to any garden design.



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