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9/11 Memorial

Little town gets big relic to include in a 9/11 Memorial. EP Henry was there to help.

About 120 miles south of One World Trade in New York City and a stone’s throw from Atlantic City, NJ, the little town of Absecon will dedicate a $200,000 September 11th memorial built with the largest relic saved from the Twin Towers. EP Henry was honored to be a part of it.

    Memorial site before excavation.                                                                    Walkway sketch depicting paver use.  

Absecon resident and volunteer firefighter Jim Smith did a lot of the legwork to get the relic to his town. The relic is an i-beam (an iron girder in the shape of the letter “I”) that came from the wreckage of the World Trade Center. A trucking company volunteered vehicles and drivers to transport the relic to Absecon. Trade union ironworkers and masons volunteered their time to lay the foundation and set the beam in place. Flags from Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York (where the attacks occurred) will fly below the US flag at the memorial. Symbolic references to each 9/11 site will be included: a model of the Twin Towers, a Pentagon-shaped base, and pieces of fieldstone to represent Shanksville, PA.

Committee members with a 3D rendering of the design and plans for the elaborate memorial.

EP Henry donated the paving stones that help make this monument a reality. The design called for a variety of EP Henry paver styles and colors to create an elaborate base in the shape of a pentagon. The specific pavers included are: Village Square pavers in the Harvest Blend and Charcoal colors; Rustic Imperial in the Granite color; Brickstone in Red; and Aged Coventry Stone I in Pewter Blend. For some bench seats designed into the memorial, they used Devonstone Chilton Steps in Brownstone. EP Henry was honored to support the Absecon memorial as part of our HeroScaping program.

We will be on site for the dedication on September 11, 2016. We will add pictures and video soon.

To learn more about the memorial and the people who helped build it visit:

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