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The Look for Less- Using Pavers to Recreate Famous Alleyways

Do you have a side yard or walkway that you’re just not sure what to do with? Perhaps it’s too shady; or, maybe it receives too much traffic to grow plants. Why not try something really special by recreating a famous alleyway right in your very own backyard? Elfreth’s Alley
Located in Philadelphia and built between 1728 and 1836, thirty-two houses line this walkway to form Elfreth’s Alley. Considered one of the last intact early American streetscapes in the country, this early historic destination has been visited by millions.This narrow street is defined by its brick faced buildings and paved road. Originally constructed using a combination of brick, slate and authentic cobble, you can create your own miniature version in a side yard or walkway using pavers. Use Brick Cast Veneer Stone in Chestnut Hill along with salvaged windows, shutters and doors to create historic home façades. Construct your “street” by combining historic brick paving stones with Devonstone® Tennyson pavers (in bluestone) and a pebble or gravel center lane.Pirates Alley

Located in the heart of the French Quarter, Pirates Alley runs along the St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans’ Jackson Square. No one knows exactly how it got its name (it’s not likely that Pirates ever hung out alongside the city’s largest church) but this alley is a well-known tourist destination in the “Crescent City”.

A slight pitch in the pavers towards the center of the walkway allows water to funnel into an open-air drain that runs the length of the alley. This distinctly European-style alley can be recreated with EP Henry’s Devonstone®  Saw Cut pavers. Complete the look with brightly colored walls and painted wood doors. This is perfect for a property line as this alley has a wrought iron fence that runs down length of the alley. Mount wrought iron flower boxes up high as “balconies”. New Orleans plants are tropical in nature, so incorporate lush ferns and palms into your landscaping.

Diagon Alley

Perhaps one of the most well-known alley’s in recent years is the fictional Diagon Alley- from the popular book series, Harry Potter. This project would be a labor of love (and could take years to complete) as there is a lot going on in this fantasy alley.

With turret shaped store-front windows that showcase Quidditch supplies, and cafes that advertise fresh eels on sale, this is one project that will require some carpenter skills and an artist’s hand.

Your building façades can be created using Brick cast veneer stone, while your alley can be made using Imperial Rustic Holland paving stones. Add stairs using chiseled finish Chilton™ steps to complete the illusion.

Wall-mounted plant hangers can support your custom-made vintage feel signs so your visitors will know where they can get a new wand or owl.

Remember, the beauty of pavers is that because they come in so many styles, shapes, and colors, you can get much more creative then a concreate slab or wood deck.

Can you think of a famous alley that would be a fun project? Tell us, we love to hear new ideas!

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