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Pining for more: Pine branch decor keeps the season fresh

A pine tree’s branches, with their rich aroma and deep seasonal symbolism, add beauty and meaning to your home’s winter decor. You don’t need to celebrate Christmas to enjoy the comforting scent and beauty of pine. All around the world the pine evergreen has special meaning, including wisdom, longevity, power, and virtue. A winter staple

8 Ways to maximize your Home and Garden show trip

Spring is around the corner. You know what that means: It’s home and garden show season! From little township shows to huge, multi-acre extravaganzas, home and garden shows bring us dreams and inspiration for our own landscapes. All the new things to see and do can be a bit overwhelming. Without proper preparation, you may

A Welcoming, Rustic Christmas

Almost any style of decor can incorporate a few down-home, rustic elements for the holidays.  Adding a bit of rustic elements to your holidays will charm guests and lend a touch of warmth to your decor. Farmhouse decor gives us that cozy feeling we love for the holidays. Concentrating on three key spaces will help

Embrace a new color for 2019

A trendy new hue for your outdoor decor has been named. Here’s how to welcome it into your summer patio plans. Living Coral, 2019 The Pantone Color of the Year for 2019 is called “Living Coral.” The Pantone Color Institute is a color-matching and trend forecasting company that caters to the fashion, marketing and branding

Patio styles from the 1950s to today

Everything from hemlines and haircuts, architecture and art are subject to the whims of fashion. Patios are no exception. A few distinct styles have emerged over the years, but some parts of patio design will always be timeless. Let’s look at different patio styles over the past few decades. The 1950s “mid-century” look was popular

Patio product hunt – shop the Fall sales

The outdoor season for us at EP Henry is all year round, but many stores have no choice but to clear out their patio items in order to make room for the holiday merchandise. As the leaves fall, so do prices. Shop your favorite stores for outdoor furniture and accessories you can use now and

Outdoor living spaces as home additions

When someone mentions home addition, you may think of a game or TV room, a bigger kitchen, or maybe a home office. But there’s one more space that should pop into your head: an outdoor room. More and more homeowners are realizing the advantages of opting for the addition of an outdoor living space over

Customize your cooler! How to make a matching accessory for your patio

With a little elbow grease and ingenuity, you can have a cooler that matches your outdoor decor. You most likely spent a lot of thought when deciding on decor for your outdoor space. Patios are no longer just “out back” and are thought of and outfitted as an extension of your home. A well-coordinated tailgate

Elements of Industrial Design

Exposed brick, concrete countertops, tile and stone floors are chic decor elements with a hardened past. The first factories of the industrial revolution were built in the late 1700s. Forging steel, laundering fabrics, or glass-making involved very hot and often unwieldy fire. By the early 1900s the onset of unreliable electrical wiring added to the

Tie the knot: Macrame decor for your patio

Tie the knot: Macrame decor for your patio This time-honored craft is a perfect decor accent to outdoor living spaces. Macrame, the art of knotting cord in geometrical patterns, is thought to be an ancient practice dating back a few thousand years to the Arab world. Merriam-Webster says the first known English use of the