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Embrace a new color for 2019

A trendy new hue for your outdoor decor has been named. Here’s how to welcome it into your summer patio plans.

Living Coral, 2019

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2019 is called “Living Coral.” The Pantone Color Institute is a color-matching and trend forecasting company that caters to the fashion, marketing and branding industries. Pantone provides insights and predictions on what colors will influence the culture.

Pantone describes its latest Color of the Year choice as one that “embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment.” Living Coral energizes and mesmerizes, giving us a view of a rare hue that is on display under the sea in coral reefs.

Incorporating any new color into your outdoor decor can be as simple as placing a few new accent pillows on the chaise lounge chairs, but it can entail a more sophisticated strategy of employing complementary colors and using neutrals to pop the accent color in the decor. Hiring an interior designer is an option, but you don’t need any special knowledge to embrace a new color on the patio. It’s only a matter of finding what you like.

Finding Living Coral in fabrics may take some time as the industries adjust to the trend. Keep an eye out for printed fabrics that have splashes of the color in the patterns. Check your favorite brands’ catalogs for upcoming offerings. In March or April of 2019, getting fabrics in Living Coral will become a bit easier. By the summer, more choices will be available.

A neutral palette of ecru, tans, creams and whites will easily support a pop of Living Coral. Dark colors like a deep navy can support touches of coral, too. Paired with orange, Living Coral gives off a boho vibe. Seaside and mid-century color palettes will benefit from this vibrant, energetic shade. When mixing textiles (in color and/or texture), it helps to test the combination with a swatch of the accent fabric. Start out with one pillow or tablecloth and see how it works. A bunch of coral-colored roses may be just enough to let it grow on you.

If Living Coral inspires you, a deep dive into it may be just the thing to revitalize your patio. Look into covering the seat cushions with new Living Coral fabric and using creams, whites and other neutrals as accents. Living Coral next to the cool blue water of a pool would set a stunning out-of-a-1950s-movie scene. This color has a ton of potential. Let’s start dreaming now to set our summer on fire with color.

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