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Pining for more: Pine branch decor keeps the season fresh

A pine tree’s branches, with their rich aroma and deep seasonal symbolism, add beauty and meaning to your home’s winter decor.

You don’t need to celebrate Christmas to enjoy the comforting scent and beauty of pine. All around the world the pine evergreen has special meaning, including wisdom, longevity, power, and virtue. A winter staple in decor, the pine branch brings an ancient reminder of long life and strength.

Here are a few ways to incorporate pine branches and pine cones into your seasonal decor.

Cunning Candlescapes

Who doesn’t love lighting a few candles to get the hygge vibe flowing? Adding a few pine sprigs to your “candlescape” makes it festive. Matching the pine branches with pine scented candles will definitely boost the aroma, but pine oil matches well with other popular scents like cedarwood, lavender and myrrh. It will be fun to experiment with combined scents. Your fireplace mantel is the traditional place for a swag of pine and candles, but side tables, steps and even your patio or outdoor fireplace area are all great places for pine-and-candle decor. If fire safety is a concern, use battery operated candles.

Frosted Cones

Nope, not ice cream. Pine cones! These spiky-but-spectacular little tree products are a staple of kids winter crafts. Easy (and usually free!) to collect, pine cones are sturdy bases for many DIY decor and ornament projects. Search for “pine cone craft” on the web and millions of ideas will flood back to you in a flash. But pine cones, with their concentric layers, deep brown color and geometric shapes are beautiful on their own. An odd number of plain pine cones in a natural fiber bowl is a great centerpiece for a casual dinner. Paint the tips white to mimic snow and mix them with some extra silvery ornaments in a crystal dish for a more formal piece.

Floral flora

Pine branches are so visually interesting, they can swing a gig as their own floral arrangement. Sticking a few small but dense pine branches in a vase (with some water) will add texture to your tablescape. Adding a bow to the vase can add a seasonal touch, but a plain vase and pine is a perfect minimalist vignette for modern homes.

Ring in the wreaths

Ah, the ubiquitous pine branch wreath. Our home’s curb appeal skyrockets as soon as this simple ring of tree clippings graces our front door. It’s like magic. As we’ve said, pine is so beautiful unadorned that no extras are needed, but a plain pine wreath is like a white canvas itching for paint. Cinnamon stick bundles and wax fruits pair up to remind us of the cozy – or fiery!- drinks we may have inside. Bright and shiny ornaments evoke the Christmas spirit. Almost any decor that is up to braving the weather can go on an outdoor wreath. Check the dollar store for fun bits and trinkets to add. Have fun with it.

Pine, pine everywhere

Pine is a reminder that even though all the leaves are gone we can still have some green throughout the year. Its message of hope can be spread throughout your home. Pine along the top (and bottom!) handrail is a traditional holiday display. A single branch tied with a red ribbon is a simple but stunning decoration for windows or doors. A tiny vase of pine sprigs feels right at home in the kitchen or bath. Adding some pine to your home is easy and fun. See how its evergreen spirit lifts yours too.

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