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Outdoor living spaces as home additions

When someone mentions home addition, you may think of a game or TV room, a bigger kitchen, or maybe a home office. But there’s one more space that should pop into your head: an outdoor room. More and more homeowners are realizing the advantages of opting for the addition of an outdoor living space over an indoor renovation.    

Adding on to your home is a big decision. The focus should be on the family’s needs now and in the future. For the time and expense put into a home addition, it has to work the most efficiently for the most purposes. An outdoor room can serve many needs at once. It can be great room with a living room and a kitchen, or a poolside lounge with a bar. Unrestricted by ceilings, outdoor addition designs are very flexible and can be customized to your needs.

More than a garden patio, an outdoor room is a daily living space. A new routine blossoms after homeowners build one. Stepping outside in the morning becomes a much treasured part of the day. More dinners are spent fireside. More friends and neighbors stop by. It’s a lifestyle improvement that can’t be replicated any other way. Plus, the health benefits will outshine any other room in the house.



According to Harvard Health, going “al fresco” can have various benefits like:

Increased vitamin D levels

More likelihood to exercise

Elevated mood

Improved concentration

Faster healing

Consider an outdoor room if you are looking to add square footage to your home. Be prepared to budget accordingly. Building an outdoor room is far from a garden project and it can carry a high price tag. Like any home addition, you’ll need expert planning and design, excavation, material choices, as well as electric and plumbing work for appliances if you are including a kitchen. Keep in mind that like any home extension, the outdoor room is adding to the value of the home itself. Taking the time to choose the right experts and materials will give you the best return on your investment.

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