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A Welcoming, Rustic Christmas

Almost any style of decor can incorporate a few down-home, rustic elements for the holidays.

 Adding a bit of rustic elements to your holidays will charm guests and lend a touch of warmth to your decor. Farmhouse decor gives us that cozy feeling we love for the holidays. Concentrating on three key spaces will help you to work some simple country feel into your existing design.

The 3 key areas are the home’s entrance, the Christmas tree, and the tables and mantles.


Joy and delight are sparked when guests come up to a festive entry. An old sled dressed with greens, a small black board with the season’s greetings hand chalked on it, or a pair ice skates with holly woven in the laces invoke welcome winter memories. Pine topiaries with wide burlap bows,birch wood branches or logs gathered in a basket, and swags of pine with golden pinecones lining the handrails are all natural rustic touches for any porch or entryway. Rustic elements are characterized by a connection to nature,unfinished edges, muted colors and tactile textures. Candles or luminaries are used in place of bright, flashing lights.


Christmas tree decor these days seem to take a planning committee. Themed trees are wonderful, if you can manage them. Many different decoration options exist if you would like a rustic tree. Natural elements and muted colors are the two main guidelines to follow.

Burlap swaths, cotton-wrapped balls, acorns, pinecones, tiny tinstars, white lights and a discrete touch of metallic shine are the main rustic tree decorations.

Any tree can welcome some rustic additions, no matter what the decor. A pinecone dusted with some artificial snow and topped with a bow that matches the existing tree will blend in perfectly. A grouping of cinnamon sticks tied with the same bow fabric is also a lovely touch of rustic to a Christmas tree (these eco-friendly decorations are great projects for antsy weather-bound little ones). Christmas trees are works of art. Asking about the different baubles and tchotchkes is a great ice breaker for your guests.

Tablescapes and mantels

If your designed, formal tree hasn’t the space for added decorations, perhaps use some rustic pieces elsewhere in the room. Tactile elements are inviting to guests. Being able to touch and perhaps pick up some decor pieces tells your guests they are welcome. It encourages them to relax and to ask about the pieces. Table tops are display spaces. People are accustomed to touching and interacting with elements in these areas. Avoid placing precious heirlooms on tables during the holidays. Concentrate on warm fabrics like red plaid fleece or cotton runners. Wrap the table napkins in twine with some cinnamon sticks. Bore holes into a out of a branch of birch and add votives for a quick but beautifully rustic centerpiece. On the mantel, create texture and visual interest with greens and holly berries, ribbons and candle pillars (make sure all elements are clear of the flames). Silk flowers are welcome. Look for silver or shiny white silks to add to a large swath of greenery. Dangle some mini pine cones from the rims of the stockings. Choose tactile and natural elements and your guests will be enchanted.

“Home for the holidays” and all the joyous celebration that goes with that sentiment is the main focus of rustic decor. Adding some rustic elements to your Christmas will help welcome everyone to your home.

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