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4 ways a creative garden wall can make a cookie-cutter landscape unique

A new home in a new development is an exciting prospect. But in a neighborhood of similar home models, how does a homeowner make their house stand out? With a little creativity and perhaps the help of a landscape designer, adding a simple garden wall to your front landscape can change the entire look of

What’s the difference between a retaining wall and a garden wall?

A number of landscaping elements have similar terms but mean very different things. Getting them mixed up can cost you time and money. We all know what a house’s walls do: they divide rooms and perhaps support the roof and upper floors of the home. Indoor walls receive pressure from above, i.e. vertical pressure. Walls

Drawing the eye: paver borders bring beauty to your Hardscape

Walkways, steps and garden walls work together to define the purpose of each architectural element in the landscape. Breaking up a swath of color with an accent color creates  beauty, interest and purpose. This is where the border paver shines. Professional hardscapers use color, texture, lines, and a combination of materials to bring more  function

Using Walls, Paths and Patios to Reshape Your Backyard

No matter how large or small your backyard is, there are ways you can partition and redesign your space to fit your outdoor living lifestyle. Depending on the complexity of the project and the space you have to cover, you can phase the project to fit your budget and timeline as needed. By using pavers

Modern Halloween Tricks and Tips

Bobbing for apples is a scary prospect. Here are some updated party tips and outdoor decor tricks to bring your All Hallow’s Eve into the 21st century. Outdoor Halloween decor ranges from the scary to the sweet. Whatever your preference, good decor puts everyone in the party mood. Here are some of the latest trends

Walled gardens: curb appeal elements with curves

A walled front garden helps your curb appeal strike the right balance between architectural and natural elements. We are all familiar with the natural elements recommended for basic curb appeal: manicured lawns, trimmed and healthy trees and plants, and seasonal and colorful additions to the landscape. A lot of visual interest is left on the

No more working on the railroad – a safer alternative to toxic railroad ties

Raised garden beds and tiered garden walls in older home landscapes were often constructed using cast-offs from the railroads. However, the creosote-treated wood was never legal for residential use. According to the website of the US Government’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), creosote, a chemical wood treatment and pesticide, is not to be used on any

Soften your Hardscape: Sweet blooms and greenery for garden walls

Your garden wall project is finished! Now what? Take your Hardscape from great to “gardened” by adding some greenery in a few simple steps. How many jobs does your wall have? A wonderful thing about a garden wall is its many functions. Besides defining your patio area, a garden wall is also used as seating,

Planning Ahead for your Landscape Design

As winter continues, it may be that thoughts of spring landscape planning seems a little premature, but the fact is, making use of being more housebound during the next few weeks  will really pay dividends in achieving your goals.  Not only can you do your research on plans and products, but if you plan to

Veneer Stone – The Design Game Changer Part III –Cast Stone Wall

Walls are the defining pieces to your outdoor living spaces. They allow sloped yards to become usable space, break up wide expanses into cozy sections and support hilly areas to be both decorative and functional. With all these benefits, walls also need to add design and beauty to your yard, and there’s no better way