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Walled gardens: curb appeal elements with curves

A walled front garden helps your curb appeal strike the right balance between architectural and natural elements.

We are all familiar with the natural elements recommended for basic curb appeal: manicured lawns, trimmed and healthy trees and plants, and seasonal and colorful additions to the landscape. A lot of visual interest is left on the curb, so to speak, when the only architectural element is the front of the home.

While a walkway or path may be curved, it may be not visible from the street. A low, curved garden wall can soften the lines of a home’s facade and maximize its curb appeal. Adding some rounded edges may bring the balance between hard and soft lines the space needs.

Looking at the lines of most American homes, we can see squares, rectangles and the triangle shapes of sloped roofs. A curve is present in some older home styles, but many new designs rely on straight and angled lines. Mother Nature is tasked with providing the organic, rounded edges of the space. Occasionally, Mother Nature could use a little help. Enter the curved garden wall.

A retaining wall is another way to add curved lines. It’s similar to a garden wall but is meant to fortify a slope in the landscape. While a garden wall is usually low in height, a retaining wall can be of any height.

Installation of a curved garden wall follows the same process of any Hardscaping wall. The trench and footing will determine the line of the wall, not the wall blocks themselves. Any wall block can be used in a wall with a “C” or “S” (i.e. rounded line) design. The individual wall blocks used to construct a curved garden wall can be of any shape, including rectangular. A tighter curve will require “cuts” in order to make turns. A garden wall constructed with wall block pavers is a project for an advanced DIY-er or trusted contractor. We can recommend a contractor in your area.

When making any garden wall, consider capping that accommodates seating. Having a place to sit, even if it goes mostly unused, instantly conforms a space into an inviting area. “Welcome” is the primary message effective curb appeal conveys. Adding an organic soft curve plus enticing elements like seating and flowers will maximize any home’s curb appeal. Take a look through our catalog for more ideas.

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