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Modern Halloween Tricks and Tips

Bobbing for apples is a scary prospect. Here are some updated party tips and outdoor decor tricks to bring your All Hallow’s Eve into the 21st century.

Outdoor Halloween decor ranges from the scary to the sweet. Whatever your preference, good decor puts everyone in the party mood. Here are some of the latest trends in outdoor Halloween decor.


Webs on brick. The small strands of the spider webbing (white spun stretchable polyester that comes in bags) catch on tiny ridges of bricks and many paver stones. Avoid putting the sometimes-slippery webbing underfoot, but garden walls, home facades, and walkway edges can all be webbed.






Oversized spiders. To go with the webbed walls, a simple DIY black garbage bag and pipe insulation spider is an easy and inexpensive project with big punch. Check out these quick instructions





Music. Many streaming apps have Halloween music and sound effect playlists available. Situate a bluetooth speaker near an open window if you don’t have outdoor speakers by the front entrance. Adding a musical element to your display tells trick or treaters yours is the house with the fun people (and probably the “good” candy).


Party Game Updates

Bobbing for apples is a mad-scientist study in influenza transmission. Avoid turning your patio into Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. These modern twists on the old standards will be so fun they’ll bury the ghosts of traditions past.

Doughnut Nuts. Biting into food you can’t grasp is an old party game concept. Apples in water was replaced by apples on strings. The newest version is doughnuts on strings. (We’ve mentionedthis game and some other Halloween hints here.) Make sure they are apple cider doughnuts, to stick with the apple theme (and, well, they’re just yummy). Each person is matched up with a doughnut that is hung in a way so the bottom edge just touches the tip of her or his nose. Sound off a buzzer and whoever finishes their yummy cider doughnut first wins. Remember: No hands!

Glowstick Games. Ah, the wonders of modern tech. Glowsticks come in flexible little tubes that can transform many traditional games into modern day wonders. Glowsticks made into rings update a ring toss. Glowsticks stuffed in water bottles make impromptu midnight bowling pins. A whiffle ball is many things to many people. Push a thin, flexible glowstick in there and it is now a magic thing to many people. Use different color glowsticks and have an Easter egg type of hunt.

Glow-in-the-dark paint. Hopscotch, 4-Square and even HORSE can all be made modern with some glowing paint or chalk. Available at most craft stores, the glowing materials can be used to mark out any path, game board or obstacle course you can imagine. One mom whipped up the squirty bottles of the stuff. Halfway through the night a spotlight or two will refresh the light-emitting properties of this miracle paint.

Take it all outside

Enjoying a beautiful fall night full of spirited festivities with friends and family is the best part of Halloween. Let the neighborhood know your house is the place to be for this year’s party

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