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Planning Ahead for your Landscape Design

As winter continues, it may be that thoughts of spring landscape planning seems a little premature, but the fact is, making use of being more housebound during the next few weeks  will really pay dividends in achieving your goals.  Not only can you do your research on plans and products, but if you plan to use a contractor, you’ll be able to review estimates and get on their schedule before they get booked up for the season.

Think about it. The pattern every year is pretty much the same:

  • You notice you need to do “XYZ project” as you begin your spring planting and yard cleanup.
  • You put it on the “TO DO” list.
  • You do all the standard yard-prep stuff, trucking back and forth from your favorite landscaping store from the end of March through April, fitting in the “must-do” between baseball practices, family events, and weekly chores.
  • By mid-May, your yard is ready for the season. And you’re too busy to focus on added projects between regular yard maintenance.

Get the Landscape Inspiration You Need to Plan Now

How can you avoid this from happening again this year? It’s easy. Plan now for your landscape changes, do your homework so when it’s time to do the legwork of getting it done, you’re halfway there already.

It begins with inspiration. And for that, you need fantastic examples of landscapes and features that you can use to create your perfect outdoor living space.

Our expansive photo gallery offers breathtaking images of landscapes built around patios, defined with wallsor walkways, and enhanced with pool decks and driveways. There are yards of all shapes and sizes represented, as well as a multitude of styles and colors to offer the design that speaks directly to you!

From Walkways and Garden Walls to Pool Deck and Patios – You Decide How to Begin

And you can start as small or as large as you like! Add a walkway this year with the plans to add steps, and a border next year. Or update your pool deck and next year add a fire pit or outdoor fireplace to make it a place to be in all weather conditions. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

Better yet, our product line is fully-integrated and color-coordinated so as you build your ideal outdoor living space, you will have options that will enhance your existing pieces without having to start over. EP Henry alone offers this kind of integration and compatibility with our Hardscaping products. That means you can choose an element from any photo you like, like a wall, and mix and match it with an element, like a patioor steps, from another photo and you can create your own, truly unique space.

Get started today! Check out our full-gallery of project photos and order/download our Free Catalogwith 112 pages of breathtaking images of patios, walls, walkways, pool decks and driveways to give you inspiration and insight as to how our fully-integrated line of Hardscaping products can be used to enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor living space!

Don’t forget to save your favorite photos to your My Favorites page as you gather ideas so when you’re ready to call a contractor, you have the elements ready to show him exactly what you want. Don’t have an account yet? Register now!

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