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Veneer Stone – The Design Game Changer Part III –Cast Stone Wall

Walls are the defining pieces to your outdoor living spaces. They allow sloped yards to become usable space, break up wide expanses into cozy sections and support hilly areas to be both decorative and functional. With all these benefits, walls also need to add design and beauty to your yard, and there’s no better way to do that than with cast veneer stone. If you are looking for the most natural look in a cast stone wall, without the cost of natural stone, then Cast Stone Wall stands alone as the solution to your wall needs.

Cast Stone Wall is the first and only mortarless retaining wall system to provide the beauty of natural stone at a fraction of the cost by using veneer stone. Developed with technology that is a marriage of wet cast and dry cast manufacturing processes, Cast Stone Wall represents the next generation in retaining walls.

With over 70 unique face patterns and crafted from molds utilizing natural stone, Cast Stone Wall is virtually indistinguishable from its original inspiration. And, unlike conventional masonry wall systems, it can be installed in about one-third of the time and half of the cost.

Below are just a few representations of this versatile and affordable veneer stone wall system.

Cast Stone Wall Full Face, Durango

Cast Stone Wall, Full Face and Random Face, Durango

Cast Stone Wall Full Face and Random Face, Durango

Cast Stone Wall, Durango

Cast Stone Wall by EP Henry allows you to create everything from garden to retaining walls that truly emulate natural stone so closely that only you and your builder will know the difference. Over 70 unique profiles ensure that — like natural stone — no two Cast Stone Wall projects will be quite alike.

Take your outdoor living spaces to the next level with the affordable and totally unique look of Cast Stone Wall. Looking for more inspiration? Check out our entire product line on our website or get the catalog with the hottest pictures and ideas for your project. Be sure to check back for our next post that gives tips on how to find the right Hardscaping contractor for your paver project.

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