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Using Walls, Paths and Patios to Reshape Your Backyard

No matter how large or small your backyard is, there are ways you can partition and redesign your space to fit your outdoor living lifestyle. Depending on the complexity of the project and the space you have to cover, you can phase the project to fit your budget and timeline as needed. By using pavers

Walled gardens: curb appeal elements with curves

A walled front garden helps your curb appeal strike the right balance between architectural and natural elements. We are all familiar with the natural elements recommended for basic curb appeal: manicured lawns, trimmed and healthy trees and plants, and seasonal and colorful additions to the landscape. A lot of visual interest is left on the

Dream of Sunnier Plains: Southwestern inspiration for the patio

Many stone traditions are available to emulate in your patio design. The architecture of the Italian Renaissance or an American Colonial theme inspire many homeowners. But what about a little taste of the American Southwest? When visiting the Southwest, you understand why the ancients worshipped the sun. The light is bright and the heat is

Do-It-Yourself Hardscaping™ Project Story: Boyertown, PA

We were thrilled when Renee and Brian Dye of Boyertown, PA shared “Before and After” photos of their Do-It-Yourself EP Henry Wall Project with us on our Facebook page. So much so, that we just had to call to find out how they did it. EPH: So, what made you decide to overhaul the space? BD/RD: Although