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Do-It-Yourself Hardscaping™ Project Story: Boyertown, PA

We were thrilled when Renee and Brian Dye of Boyertown, PA shared “Before and After” photos of their Do-It-Yourself EP Henry Wall Project with us on our Facebook page.

So much so, that we just had to call to find out how they did it.

EPH: So, what made you decide to overhaul the space?

BD/RD: Although we realized that the old railroad ties needed to be replaced, it wasn’t until we removed an old pool that we knew that the time had come.

EPH: Did you know that you were going to use decorative wall block, or were other options considered?

BD/RD: Yes, we knew that we were going to go with an EP Henry wall.  We figured if we were going to go the trouble and expense of replacing the Hardscaping, we wanted it to be something that lasted. Why put wood back in when we already know that it’s just going to rot out again? We loved the look of the EP Henry wall and we knew that they were long lasting.

EPH: Was this a DIY project all along?

BD/RD: Not initially. We did meet and get estimates from a contractor, but the expense was more than we had budgeted for.

We knew that we still needed to do this, and that we wanted pavers, so we started researching what it would take to do it ourselves.

EPH: How did you learn how to install pavers, did you attend a seminar?

BD: No, I actually watched a lot of instructional videos on You Tube. Also, the EP Henry web site was very informative.

EPH: Was there any point were you regretted your decision to undertake this?

BD: (laughing) Well…my wife got really nervous at first, when they dropped all of the skids off.

RD: They were just so many of them at first. It wasn’t until I saw them going down (during installation) that I was relieved and knew that it was going to turn out great.

EPH: Did you run into any obstacles?

BD: Yes, the steps proved to be trickier than we thought they’d be. As you can see from the photo, there are concrete slabs on both the bottom and top of the steps. So we had to make several adjustments to get everything to line up correctly and in-between the allotted space. That was where the EP Henry web site really helped us out.

RD: I don’t think we realized just how heavy the wall block is. It’s very substantial.

EPH: How long did the project take?BD/RD: Just a little over month from start to finish. We did have help from friends and family.

EPH: Do you think you’ll add on to the space in the future?

BD/RD: Absolutely! We hope to eventually replace the whole top tier.  For now, we’re working on getting the bottom tier backfilled so we can get some of our plants back in before it gets too cold. We plan to add more landscaping come next spring.

EPH: Do you have anything else to add about the project?

BD: Yes, we’re very happy that we added built-in lighting in under the cap ledge. The backyard looks just as beautiful at night when the lights turn on.

Product Used: Terrace Wall Block Dakota Blend

Brian and Renee Dye reside in Boyertown, PA. We look forward to seeing their progress next Spring and any additions to their new backyard patio.

The Dye’s would like to thank their EP Henry Authorized Hardscaping Distributor® Hollenbach Home Center in Boyertown, PA for their expert advice and assistance during their project.

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