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Paver Maintenance 101: Tips to Keeping your Patio Looking Good

In the same way you might polish your floors or wax your car, patio pavers can benefit from some routine maintenance in order to remove any stains and moss and to restore their original beauty. Check out these frequently asked questions on how to keep your Hardscaping™ looking its best.
What are the advantages of sealing my pavers?Driveway,walkway and patio pavers are susceptible to stains from vehicles. Sealers can offer three advantages:they help resist stains, may enhance the color and can bind the sand in the joints to make it difficult for weeds to germinate. Sealers, however, are topical products and must be reapplied regularly (generally every 3-5 years). Most states only allow water-based sealers, or solvent based sealers with a low enough VOC rating, to be used.

Will weeds grow between my pavers?

Weeds and grass result from seeds or spores blowing into, and lodging in, the joint sand. This can be minimized by using Techni-Seal Polymeric Sand or by using a joint stabilizing sealer on the pavers or mixing a pre-emergent granular weed killer into the joint sand. If weeds do appear, a spot vegetation killer (such as Round-Up™) can be used and will not damage the pavers.

What can I do if my pavers are stained or damaged?

One of the advantages of pavers is that individual units can be removed and replaced in these situations. Remove the sand around the paver and then use two flat head screwdrivers to lift the paver out. Rocking the paver gently in a back-and-forth motion will facilitate removal.

What can you tell me about snow removal and my pavers?

On both a walkway and driveway, pavers can be plowed and shoveled just like asphalt or concrete pavements. In fact, the chamfered edges and joints around the pavers promote melting of snow and ice. A plow with a rubber edge on the blade is recommended. If you are plowing or using a snow blower do not use chains on the tires. Do not use sharp objects to chop ice as because that can damage the pavers. Plastic shovels will not abrade the pavers like some metal shovels can.  Sodium chloride (rock salt) will melt ice but can do harm to pavers, (and any concrete surface for that matter). Calcium chloride will remove snow and ice and is less harmful when melting snow and ice. Products that use Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA) such as EnvironMelt and Majestic Snow and Ice Melt are considered to be the most effective and least harmful deicers to use on your EP Henry paving stone installation.

Can I remove moss or mold from my pavers?

If your patio, walkway or driveway resides in a shady spot on your property, moss or mold can be a problem. Try Clorox liquid bleach diluted in water (10 parts water to one part Clorox). Be careful not to get it on other plant material. Keep in mind that there is nothing that will keep it from growing back if it’s in a shady, damp area. For a more permanent solution, you will need to correct the moisture and shade problems that are encouraging the moss or mold.

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