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Dream of Sunnier Plains: Southwestern inspiration for the patio

Many stone traditions are available to emulate in your patio design. The architecture of the Italian Renaissance or an American Colonial theme inspire many homeowners. But what about a little taste of the American Southwest?

When visiting the Southwest, you understand why the ancients worshipped the sun. The light is bright and the heat is powerful. The colors of the landscape, the desert, the clay and mineral deposits, and the varying colors of the sky are woven into the culture. The rocky terrain is reflected in the textures of the buildings. Terra cotta pots line every patio. Hand-woven rugs incorporate the brilliant turquoise and bright blues of the lakes and deep oranges and reds of the cactus flowers.

Experts tell homeowners to choose Hardscape colors that complement the home’s exterior. They also encourage clients to find colors and a design that speaks to them personally. If you love the wide vistas, the high plains, the painted desert, the ancient cultures and the sun of the Southwest, then the orange, yellows, greens, browns and reds are the colors for you. Because of the wide range of colors, styles and textures in the aesthetic of the Southwest, there is a Southwestern-influenced design to match any home’s exterior hues. Tucson, Sedona, Sonoran and Phoenix are a few of the many new paver colors from EP Henry. These paving stones can lay the groundwork for a patio any sun-worshipper would love.

Adding some wall block columns in your Hardscape design will give you display space for large clay planters. Terra-cotta was a dominant sculpture and building clay for indigenous peoples of the Southwest. Terra-cotta planters are widely available today. Buy the planters in a standard size then incorporate the column placement in your Hardscape design. Use the planters to grow flowers and greenery to match the theme and to add eye-grabbing colors. A beautiful, quick-blooming flower of orange and yellows is an Indian Blanket flower. This plant prefers full sun and can grow in this area’s climate.

Terra-cotta pots and hand-woven baskets are also essential pieces of the Southwestern aesthetic. Native Americans would often decorate pots and baskets with sharply-angled geometric shapes in repeating patterns. They would portray the nature around them using these angles and lines. This style can be adopted by DIYers.

Soften your seating with the brightly colored pillows, woven rugs and blankets of the Southwest. Aztec patterns are very trendy in today’s wearable fashion, but they are timeless in interior and exterior design. Once you lay the groundwork with your paver stones, any earthy colors will complement the Hardscape. A burst of blue or a shock of red in your textiles, though, can brighten anyone’s mood. Add the colorful spirit of the Southwest in the small details like blankets, flowers and upholstery. Your own personal sun spot may turn out to be your favorite place to relax at home.

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