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Host a Casino Night on the Patio

Gaming for fun at home puts a party on the patio over the top. Kids parties can be a blast, but sometimes adults just want some time to themselves. A casino night is an exciting twist on milestone birthdays, team meetings or holiday parties. A private party at home is also typically free from the

Halloween Patio Pizza Party

Delight your little monsters with homemade pizzas topped with creepy crawlies. With a long night of trick-or-treating ahead of them, kids need a meal to keep that energy up and prevent goodie bag snacking. Fire up that outdoor pizza oven and give them ingredients to make their own personal pizzas with “creepy crawly” toppings. One

Rosh Hashanah: Traditions and planning for an outdoor celebration

Celebrating outside brings us back to time-honored customs. This month is Elul, a time of repentance in preparation for the High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah (the New Year) and Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement). At sundown on the Gregorian calendar day of September 29, 2019, and on the Hebrew calendar day 1 Tishrei 5780,

Grand ideas to celebrate Grandparents Day

Shower the grandparents with love this weekend on Grandparents Day.  In The United States, the first Sunday after Labor Day is designated as Grandparents Day. Celebrated in many countries on varying days, this holiday is meant to honor the big role grandparents play in the nurturing of the nation’s children. Here are some ideas to

Send off your student with a trunk party on the patio

Skipped a grad party or took a gap year? A trunk party can be the perfect send-off for your student. Back in the day, luggage was a traditional gift for the high school graduate. Bags of one’s own were deemed necessary for a young person’s life ahead. Now we pack up the minivan with storage

Cool looks for a hot patio

Oppressive heat and humidity can put a damper on outdoor living space enjoyment. Fear not, mid-summer heat can be beat.  Unless you have a pool that you can jump into, July and August’s soaring heat and humidity can sometimes stifle outdoor fun. While inexpensive, portable water bottles are easy to come by, they’re not ideal

Have a mocktail party on the patio

No alcohol? No problem! You can still party in the back with little umbrellas, fancy drinks and a festive atmosphere. Stir up a few “mocktails” (mock cocktails) on the patio. Spring begins the season for outdoor parties. Easter, high school proms, college graduations, weddings, baby showers and more dot the calendar from April until August.

Patio fun for fall: fires, caramel apples and more

The crisp fall days are here. Relish the four seasons by getting outside to enjoy that patio. Here are a few fall favorites to get your ideas churning for a dreamy autumn patio day. Cozy blankets       There’s something comforting in being covered up. Keep several wool throw blankets handy out on the patio. Have one

Sweet Mid-Atlantic states: potluck desserts from NC to NY

Every family has that one dessert that disappears first from the patio table. The favorites are often eaten before the burgers are served. But what is sweet in one state can be an unknown in another. Here are some interesting desserts from North Carolina to New York. North Carolina Sonker is a rectangular, deep dish

How to do an authentic spa day party on the patio

Bring in professionals for an evening of pampering right on the patio.   Summer is here and it’s time to relax. Work loads, family obligations and volunteer work, although rewarding, can usurp our down time. Why not pave the way to relaxation with a private occasion meant to renew and rejuvenate? We asked licensed massage