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Host a Casino Night on the Patio

Gaming for fun at home puts a party on the patio over the top.

Kids parties can be a blast, but sometimes adults just want some time to themselves. A casino night is an exciting twist on milestone birthdays, team meetings or holiday parties. A private party at home is also typically free from the legal restrictions that regulate public gaming. Check your local and state laws, but private parties are usually good to go without any special licensing or permits.

The patio offers a perfect setting for building a casino atmosphere. With lots of space to move around, guests will enjoy hopping from game to game and browsing the penny social auction prizes. Here are 7 quick tips on how to make a casino night work.


Pick a few possible nights

Friday nights are often free for many people, whereas Saturdays tend to be booked well in advance. If you have a tight window between planning and party, consider a Friday night, but planning weeks in advance will likely be required for securing rentals and staff for any night of the week you choose.

Find rental

Look for a licensed rental company with experience. Let them know the dimensions of your patio. Definitely book games like roulette, poker and blackjack, but consider a craps or baccarat table too. Guests love to learn complicated games in a low-pressure setting like a home party. Hired dealers are always friendly and willing to teach guests how to navigate the more difficult games. Guests tend to rave about their new gaming skills long after the party is over.

Create zones

Have separate areas for tables and chairs for dining, gaming and silent raffle. If the patio does not have enough room, perhaps one section can be set up inside or on the driveway.

Prep for the weather

Fall has some lovely nights, but rain and cold can chill a party in no time. Tents and space heaters are also available to rent. Ask the gaming rental company if they rent tents, heaters, tables, chairs, etc. Some rental companies, like Party Perfect Rentals in Farmingdale, NJ, are full service companies that can cater, hire dealers, and provide tables and any other equipment for your casino night.

Make guests feel comfortable

Along with all the gaming tables, consider adding a photo booth with props and a DJ and dance space. Provide “cheat sheets” with the rules and information about the different games, e.g. a poker hand ranking sheet or blackjack tips. Let guests know dealers are willing to teach them. Provide each guest with an introductory number of chips with options to buy more.

Keep people interested

Mike Bain, owner of Party Perfect, suggests having great prizes available in a pick-a-prize silent auction. At the end of the night, guests turn in their chips in exchange for tickets to place in the draw baskets by each prize. With prizes to be won, everyone will keep playing to get as many chances as they can. “If there is nothing to play for,” Mike said, “people get bored and stop playing.”

Add details

Themed decor is part of the fun. Stanchions and a red carpet, a balloon entrance way, green visors, Las Vegas signs, etc. Props help guests feel transported to a private casino. Your night can be a Monaco-inspired ornate formal gala or an OK Corral jeans-and-beers hootenanny. It’s up to you. Go with what will make your guests excited to come.

An adults-only casino night on the patio is a very fun twist on the typical birthday bash or anniversary party. Rental companies can do big or small parties. Don’t be shy about calling and asking. Mike said his company hosts anything from home basement parties to big corporate charity events. There are a lot of options and opportunities for you to host a casino night on the patio without a hitch.



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