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How to do an authentic spa day party on the patio

Bring in professionals for an evening of pampering right on the patio.


Summer is here and it’s time to relax. Work loads, family obligations and volunteer work, although rewarding, can usurp our down time. Why not pave the way to relaxation with a private occasion meant to renew and rejuvenate? We asked licensed massage therapist and aesthetician Carollyn Ogden (who happens to closely resemble movie star Kirsten Dunst) for her hints on hosting a professional spa day on the patio.


Keep it simple

First, plan to invite just a few friends. “A smaller party means longer service time for each guest,” Carollyn told EP Henry. “5 or 6 people can enjoy half-hour services. 8-10 people cannot.”

More guests means more professionals will need to be hired or the guests will have shorter service times and longer waiting times. As a general rule, the spa party should last 3 hours or less. Divide that time by the number of guests for a rough estimate on service time. Also add in some time for hellos and goodbyes.

Outdoor kitchens bars lend themselves to the set-up. “Set out healthy snacks like cheese, crackers, grapes and cucumber water.” Carollyn said. “Open a bottle of wine, drink it at your leisure.” Be sure to pre-treat the patio for pests and cover the food.


Have spa service zones

Carollyn, who hosts spa nights in both private homes and at Collingswood, NJ salon Spa Beaumonde, advises homeowners to set up distinct areas. “The idea is to have stations,” Carollyn said. “One area will be for eating. One will be for the hand massage (and maybe manicures). Some hosts have a tarot card or aura reader, or perhaps someone practicing Reiki, the ancient Japanese gentle energy treatment. A chair massage can happen in the mall, anywhere really, but just like a table massage, you’ll need a private space for it.” Guests may need to speak openly with massage therapists about their medical histories, so a more secluded space is necessary. A pergola with curtains may work, or set up the massage table or chair near a waterfall that can mask the sound of conversation. “They may also just want to vent to a stranger during their massage. People like to tell me all sorts of things!” Carollyn said. Outdoor spaces with a pool or hot tub are the perfect settings for a spa night. Guests can loosen up in the hot tub before their massage.

The different spa zones can be lit with scented candles. Line the walkway with tea lights. Clear out the brightly-colored pool toys. Set the loungers poolside and place rolled fluffy towels across them.

Take advantage of an outdoor sound system. Use different ambient music in the varied spaces. “Play popular music in the area of the hand-facials,” Carollyn said, “but play ‘la la la’ spa music where we are doing the massages.” Music selection will influence the tone of the party. “One party I did, the guests were line dancing [while they waited between services]!”



Celebrate with custom services

A spa night or day on the patio is a great way to celebrate birthdays or bridal showers. Carollyn said to customize the services for the spa day. “A bridal group party hired a makeup artist. After the services, the women got dressed for clubbing and went out looking like supermodels.” Carollyn said. Specials can be found on her Facebook page

Make your spa day a custom fit for you and your guests, and you’ll get and give just the right amount of rest and relaxation to celebrate the summer in style.

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