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Cool looks for a hot patio

Oppressive heat and humidity can put a damper on outdoor living space enjoyment. Fear not, mid-summer heat can be beat.

 Unless you have a pool that you can jump into, July and August’s soaring heat and humidity can sometimes stifle outdoor fun. While inexpensive, portable water bottles are easy to come by, they’re not ideal for a gathering; and constant refilling gets tiresome.

Check out these ideas on how to turn the temperature down in your backyard this summer.

Ceiling Fans

Outdoor ceiling fans do a great job of cooling down a hot patio by circulating air and evaporating your body’s built-in temperature regulator, perspiration. Look for “wet” or “damp” rated models that are made for outdoor use. This modern ceiling fan with a built-in LED light is perfect for tight spaces. The clean lines and brushed steel finish are a great fit in contemporary spaces.


Sure to turn heads, these dual head models are sometimes referred to as a “Double Gyro”.  Popular in the 1930’s, these classic ceiling fans are great for larger spaces. The oscillating feature provides additional airflow and the fan heads are adjustable up to 180-degrees.

Floor Fan with mister

A favorite of sports coaches, stand-alone misting fans have a 40 gallon tank and will keep  your patio cool up to 8 hours.  (You can add ice for an extra blast of cold air.) While not as decorative as some of the other options, this work-horse will keep your family and guests comfortably cool in double-digit weather.

Portable Air Conditioner

Summer outdoor wedding and family reunions are just two examples of when misting guests may not be a great idea. Keep your guests cool and dry with a portable air conditioner. This model operates from a standard power source. Outfitted with rubber coasters, it won’t damage patio pavers. They also work well on a generator and can be used indoors during a power outage. Bonus: Maintenance is easy and only requires periodic cleaning of the removable filter.

There are a lot of options for keeping cool this summer. Look on-line or ask your favorite outdoor living expert for options that fit your space and budget.




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