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Grand ideas to celebrate Grandparents Day

Shower the grandparents with love this weekend on Grandparents Day. 

In The United States, the first Sunday after Labor Day is designated as Grandparents Day. Celebrated in many countries on varying days, this holiday is meant to honor the big role grandparents play in the nurturing of the nation’s children. Here are some ideas to help you celebrate these special people in our lives.

Do some DIY commemorative artwork

Cover a t-shirt with hand prints of the grandchildren. Get a paint-your-own vase and cover it with the grandkids’ fingerprints. Bonus if you make those prints into ladybugs or bees with the help of a Sharpie marker. Have the vase fired at the ceramics shop and fill it with flowers for the big day.

Private relaxation party on the patio

Treat the g-rents to a relaxing, great weather day outside. Set up umbrellas, drape the tables and set some quiet (or their favorite) music to play. Clear the pool of kids toys and get the hot tub ready. Hand them a bell to ring for more cocktails and snacks. Sure, they may end up napping out there but that’s a great way to spend the day, too. Top it off with a nice, home-cooked meal or fire up the pizza oven for made-to-order pies.

Record their stories

A great way to get anyone talking is to get comfortable and dim the lights. Around a fire pit in the late summer night air is a great place for telling stories. Ask the grandparents about the old days, how they met, who they used to date before they got married, what they thought they would be when they grew up. For more question ideas, see this list from Reader’s Digest. If you can, record their answers, using just audio if the lighting isn’t robust (capturing audio on a separate device then adding it to the video usually results in a much better recording).

Write down their recipes

Grandparents have spent a lifetime cooking, and no doubt there is a recipe or two the whole family loves and knows but isn’t documented in any way. Perhaps set up the kids in the outdoor kitchen to be guided by grandpa in cooking the family’s favorite. Spend some time writing these recipes down before they’re lost forever. If you can get grandpa or grandma to write them down in their own handwriting, you can transform that into a framed piece of art for the kitchen.

Whether they are a Pop-pop, a Mom-Mom, a grand-uncle, a grand-auntie, or an awesome older friend, show them how much your appreciate them by celebrating Grandparents Day with love.

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