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Yule logs of all kinds for the holidays

Nothing says Christmas like a traditional yule log. But what kind? There are yule logs to put in the fireplace, others to eat, and even some to watch! Here we bring you all the yule log information that’s fit to blog. “Yule” comes to us from the Old Norse language’s word, ylir, for the month

Ever loving evergreens: know the difference between the trees

Not all “pine” trees are the same – some aren’t pines at all but are fir, cypress, cedar and spruce trees! The aromas, needles and cones differ between them. Here’s a quick rundown to help you get to know the varieties of Christmas trees that you may come across this holiday season. Conifers        A conifer

Pining for more: Pine branch decor keeps the season fresh

A pine tree’s branches, with their rich aroma and deep seasonal symbolism, add beauty and meaning to your home’s winter decor. You don’t need to celebrate Christmas to enjoy the comforting scent and beauty of pine. All around the world the pine evergreen has special meaning, including wisdom, longevity, power, and virtue. A winter staple

A Welcoming, Rustic Christmas

Almost any style of decor can incorporate a few down-home, rustic elements for the holidays.  Adding a bit of rustic elements to your holidays will charm guests and lend a touch of warmth to your decor. Farmhouse decor gives us that cozy feeling we love for the holidays. Concentrating on three key spaces will help

Holiday traditions: Roasted Chestnuts

We’ve all heard the lyrics but few of us have tried actually roasting chestnuts on an open fire. It’s easier than you may think. Each family has their own traditions with strong roots, some perhaps going back generations. Introducing new rituals into the holidays can seem a bit odd at first, but when friends and

Make the new year bright: Use Christmas lights on the patio

Soon it’ll be time to pack up the stockings and the snowmen, the Santas and the sleighs. But there’s no need to lose those lights when they can do double duty on the patio. “Store” lights outside Putting away decorations is part of beginning the new year, but not everything has to go back into

Giving Tree – Recycling your Christmas tree

The needles start to pile up. The kids have moved on. The cat has even given up on trying to topple it. Here’s what you can do with that Christmas tree after the new year arrives. Creative advice from experts The National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA) knows a thing or two about the life cycle

Unconventional Holiday Lights

You’ve got your lights up and everything looks great from the street. Here are a few simple additions to the patio for just you and your family and friends to enjoy. Reindeer The backyard becomes a forest at the North Pole with a few animal additions. A few private reindeer “grazing” in around your garden

The Secret to Amazing Christmas Lights

Ever wonder how that one family in your neighborhood manages a spectacular Christmas light display every year? We found out their secret. Shhh! It’s not elves Every October, after a spring and summer of providing homeowners with precise landscape care and excellent Hardscape installations, Bob Bickel, owner of L.A. Verruni Landscaping in Pottstown, PA, starts

Dear Santa – What I Want for Christmas is … a New Landscape Design!

Do you remember when you were a little kid and would write that all important letter to the big guy in the red suit listing the things you wanted for Christmas? Well, this year, we want all our outdoor living enthusiast readers to get inspired for the new landscape you know you want, but may