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The Secret to Amazing Christmas Lights

Ever wonder how that one family in your neighborhood manages a spectacular Christmas light display every year? We found out their secret.

Shhh! It’s not elves

Every October, after a spring and summer of providing homeowners with precise landscape care and excellent Hardscape installations, Bob Bickel, owner of L.A. Verruni Landscaping in Pottstown, PA, starts putting up the lights. Verruni has been installing holiday lights for 20 years, always approaching the lighting needs of their customers with the same perfectionist business ethic they use daily in their landscaping work. The result is breathtaking and joyful light display.

Not all of Verruni’s light installations have to be internet-meme big, though. “When you call us, we send someone to the home to assess the property and the owner’s needs,” Bob said. Any size property will do. “We ask them if they want icicle lights, which lines they want, etc.“

Besides Bob’s perfectionism, here is another secret to an amazing lightscape: L.A. Verruni Landscaping provides all the lights, extension cords and decorations. That’s right – Verruni supplies all the external trimmings. “We provide everything,” Bob told EP Henry. “We have wreaths, garlands, bows, miles and miles of lights and extension cords, everything.” Whether it is a big job or a small one, Verruni will do it beautifully. “We’d rather do a small job perfectly than a big job sloppily,” Bob said. “We take our time and do it right.”

Bob said there really isn’t much for customers to prepare before the team comes to create one of L.A. Verruni Landscaping’s famous holiday light displays. “Taking the screens off the windows, maybe, but all we need is a [working] outlet!” Bob said.

One thing you can do is call early. “The absolute latest to call is September or October,” Bob said. October is Verruni’s Christmas rush. The lights usually aren’t turned on by the homeowners until around or after Thanksgiving, but all will be at the ready when the holidays begin.

Now you know

Holiday lights have become a must-have, but you don’t have to do it all yourself. Call in the experts. If you’re in the Pottstown, PA area, check out the pages for L.A. Verruni Landscaping or connect with a local contractor in your town. If you live in another area, don’t worry.  Many EP Henry Hardscaping contractors offer holiday lighting services.

If you’re looking to spread cheer this holiday, a professionally planned and installed light display will bring joy to all who see it, and you’ll cherish the memories for years.

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