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Unconventional Holiday Lights

You’ve got your lights up and everything looks great from the street. Here are a few simple additions to the patio for just you and your family and friends to enjoy.


The backyard becomes a forest at the North Pole with a few animal additions. A few private reindeer “grazing” in around your garden will delight guests of all ages. No reindeer? Any statuettes will do, including the ones you may already have in your garden. Add a few festive touches like big red bows to their collars or fashion a scarf out of a length of pine garland, and your patio is instantly festive for the season.



Lights, Advanced

We’ve told you the secret to a fantastic light display – hire a pro. Your lights can grace the Hardscape behind your home. A lovely, simple solution would be to hang string lights in between your patio structures, e.g., from the portico to the house in a fan pattern to steal the look of a trendy outdoor bar. Grab a warm mug of something delicious and you’re set.

But string lights don’t always have to be strung. Create a willow tree effect by hanging several strings of lights vertically from the bare branches of one of your trees. This same vertical hanging technique can make a curtain between two points. Secure a rope between sturdy bases and allow the lights to cascade down (make sure the lights do not lay on the ground where they can be walked upon. As always, safety first).

Projector lights are on trend this season. The cascading snowflakes and festive patterns look as great against the patio and Hardscape as they do on the front of your home. There’s something special about a private light show, right?

Candy Cane Hunt

Oversized candy cane decorations make for great walkway decor, but they can also be prizes in a treasure hunt. Hide the oversized candy canes in and around the patio then have the little ones find them. Tie big red ribbons on the big candy canes to make the hunt a bit easier, and perhaps light pathways with tin can luminaries (with battery-operated lights). Stuff real candy canes in hiding places around the patio for a treasure hunt to entertain the older kids.

Your Holiday Hardscape can be simple or elaborate. What matters is showing your family and friends how much you enjoy their company. Save some of the fun of the season for the back patio and it will be a joyous present to remember.

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