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Cast Veneer Stone: A modern answer to an old problem

Stone surfaces aren’t what they used to be, and that can be a good thing. All along farming hills and valleys are fieldstone walls that were piled by the land workers as they tilled the earth. The low walls would stretch far and wide, sometimes acting to prevent livestock from grazing the crops, other times

Cast Veneer fireplace design tips

The key in designing an outdoor hearth is choosing the stone that makes it sing. A fire pit has its place, but an outdoor hearth makes an outdoor home. If you’re looking to add a fireplace to your hardscape, a few tips from the design world can help you choose the Cast Veneer Stone (CVS)

Welcome to the Stone Age

A very, very long time ago, during the pre-historic age, humans figured out that stone had many uses in their world. This abundant natural resource was used for many things, such as: furniture, cutting tools, and weapons. Not only did they use it to build walls for shelter and fortification, they used smaller stones (like

Anticipate the roadblocks your contractor may encounter

Getting a patio or pool installed is a major project. Here’s what your contractor wants you to know about the common problems workers face when construction begins. Good communication is the best skill a homeowner can bring to a project. Many difficulties can be avoided when both the homeowner and the contractor are aware of

Nature-Inspired Home Décor

One of the most famous American architects of all time, Frank Lloyd Wright, is best known for his Organic Architecture style. Thought to be his most famous design, Fallingwater was designed in 1935 for the Kaufman family and resides in Bear Run, PA. It is a classic example of Wright’s earthy aesthetic and is listed as a National Historic

Hearth and Home

It cannot be argued, there’s just something spectacular about backyards that have a fire feature. Family and friends have been gathering around camp fires and fire pits for years, and homeowners are taking their outdoor spaces up a notch by incorporating custom outdoor fireplaces into their landscape designs. Outdoor fireplaces are easily integrated into both

Four Ways Cast Veneer Stone Warms Up Your Décor this Season

There’s nothing quite like being home for the holidays. Family, friends and holiday cheer warm us up during the cold winter weather – but there are other ways to warm your home, as well! EP Henry’s Cast Veneer Stone provides a natural look to the interior or exterior of your home, and can be used