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Nature-Inspired Home Décor

One of the most famous American architects of all time, Frank Lloyd Wright, is best known for his Organic Architecture style.

Thought to be his most famous design, Fallingwater was designed in 1935 for the Kaufman family and resides in Bear Run, PA. It is a classic example of Wright’s earthy aesthetic and is listed as a National Historic Landmark.

Designed to harmonize with the existing landscape, Wright positioned the home over the natural waterfall using cantilevers. By incorporating the rock and stone surroundings into the design, the home gently integrates into its surroundings. Wright carried this initiative into the interior home décor. Natural stone columns brace built-in shelves, desks and couches. This one-with- nature style of architecture has proved to be timeless and is still used in modern construction and design applications.

Bringing in the outdoors

Products such as cast veneer stone allow homeowners in both urban and suburban areas enjoy the classic and lasting look of natural rock and stone. Ledgestone, river rock and Pennsylvania field stone are being added into living rooms, kitchens, and baths as a neutral wall covering that’s anything but boring.

Crafted in molds cast from a variety of natural rocks, cast stone veneer is a decorative application that covers a structure. The flat back of cast stone is much easier to apply than quarried stone. As a result, homeowners are using the material on walls, bars, fireplaces and backsplashes. This relatively easy update instantly adds value to your home. Unlike wallpaper or paint, stone veneer will not have to be redone because it became dingy or out-of-date.

Completing the Look

The stone backdrop can be enhanced by using natural wood tone furnishings. Bring in nature inspired colors such as moss green, and be sure to include plants or flowers to soften the look.

Not a green thumb in the house? Accent pillows or artwork with botanical motifs will do the trick. Area rugs in sisal or wool are both stylish and long lasting. Don’t be afraid to use pops of bold color in the space. Mother Nature uses flowers and berries in reds, oranges and purples to brighten her world, and you should too.

Sometimes, inspiration can be found right outside your back door.


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