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Four Ways Cast Veneer Stone Warms Up Your Décor this Season

There’s nothing quite like being home for the holidays. Family, friends and holiday cheer warm us up during the cold winter weather – but there are other ways to warm your home, as well!

EP Henry’s Cast Veneer Stone provides a natural look to the interior or exterior of your home, and can be used to complete almost any project. Cast Veneer is so close to natural stone in appearance, color and texture, that the two are virtually indistinguishable.

Many homeowners use Cast Veneer to create a cost-effective patio design with flair, making guests want to stay and relax with good friends in the beautiful weather. But what about when the weather turns cold and the snow is on the ground? It’s easy to think beyond the patio and give the rest of your home the same warm, welcoming look.

Here are four ways that Cast Veneer Stone is the perfect way to warm up your décor this holiday season – both inside and out:



The snow falling, a cozy chair and a roaring fire – it’s what winter dreams are made of. Create the look and feeling of a natural-stone fireplace with Cast Veneer Stone – either indoors or out. Decorating tip: Drape a holiday garland along your fireplace to add some winter beauty!

Accent Walls

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your home with a holiday project, adding an accent wall with Cast Veneer Stone is a simple way to dress up any room in your home. It creates a visually appealing statement that’s sure to get your guests talking – and envying! Decorating tip: Add a wreath to the accent wall to complement it and give it a bit of holiday cheer!

Entertainment Bar Area

A great place for loved ones to gather and share some eggnog, a Cast Veneer bar gives you an elegant and functional place for conversation and extra seating. Decorating tip: Set out a vintage punch bowl and cups filled with a festive drink. Surround the bowl with fresh pine to add a seasonal smell.

Cast Veneer Stone comes in a variety of styles, colors and shapes making it an excellent addition any home – inside or out. Whether you are spending a relaxing evening with your family around the fireplace, or hosting a large celebration with friends, EP Henry wishes you a wonderful holiday season!

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