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Hearth and Home

It cannot be argued, there’s just something spectacular about backyards that have a fire feature. Family and friends have been gathering around camp fires and fire pits for years, and homeowners are taking their outdoor spaces up a notch by incorporating custom outdoor fireplaces into their landscape designs.

Outdoor fireplaces are easily integrated into both covered (roofed) and open space patios. Taking a cue from interior spaces, designers and homeowners use these as the focal point, and the furniture selection and layout are used to create a high-end lodge look-and-feel.

Creating Your Dream Outdoor Fire Place

These days, it’s faster than ever to enjoy these backyard beauties. Modern modular systems come in a variety of sizes and can be used in both a smaller or larger backyard. Several configurations, along with both short and tall chimney options, allow homeowners to choose a design that works within allotted space and aesthetic.

An outdoor fireplace can easily be incorporated into a pre-existing patio. When doing so, choose a complementary stone finish so that it becomes part of your overall design, but becomes a distinctive Hardscaping™. feature. Once your modular outdoor fireplace is installed it is further customized by applying a stone veneer of your choice. Stone veneer is a manufactured stone application. Cast using actual quarried stone, stone veneer is quicker to install, lighter in weight, and lower is cost.

Homeowners have their choice of stone finishes that include Pennsylvania Field Stone, Ledgestone, River Rock, Brick and more. These finishes are further customized by selecting colors with names such as Aspen, Mesa Verde, Chestnut Hill and Champagne. Tip: Look for a single source manufacturer for Hardscaping™.

They can provide pavers, seat and retaining walls plus the veneer stone, in colors and textures that are specifically created to complement each other. This attention to detail is what makes the outdoor “room” and outdoor “wow”.

Now You’re Cookin’!

What better why enjoy your new backyard than to have your very own rustic pizza oven? These ovens reach temperatures up to 700 degrees, so they can be used to cook chicken, vegetables, bake bread and other favorite recipes.

A Wise Investment

While most homeowners know that by updating their kitchen or by adding a bathroom will always pay off, most are unaware of the return on a landscaping investment. In a 2013 report released by Real Estate via the Herald Tribune, the value of a home can increase by 20% when homeowners focus on landscaping.

Aside from the well-known curb appeal aspect, paved walkways, patios, flowers and shrubs in your front and backyard will not only increase your home’s value, they are an excellent way to create a “must have” home for prospective buyers.

The timeless addition of an outdoor fireplace is sure to warm your home and will be enjoyed by all for years to come.

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