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Get outdoors during Daylight Savings Time

Here are some ideas on adjusting to the change. A little look back This weekend, we jump the clocks forward for Spring. Daylight Savings time (DST). The tradition of turning clocks ahead for the spring and summer months is often thought to be an agricultural push, but the roots of the practice took hold for

6 spring landscape design tasks to do now

Just when you thought you could take a rest after shoveling all that snow, spring creeps up and hands you the hoe. Here are a few quick tips for spring landscaping that will give your landscape design plan a good start. 1.         Rake. Thatches of clumped dead grass, leaves and debris must be cleared out

Easter excitement on the patio

Egg hunts are the standard fun for this celebration, but there’s a lot more fun to be had outside to welcome the coming of Spring. A nice bit of sunshine and some creativity is all you need for a perfect party outside. With creative use of common accessories, foods, and some bright color choices you

Sprout some spring: starting plants indoors

This winter weather can give us a case of cabin fever. If going out isn’t in the cards, bust that boredom by bringing a bit of the outdoors in and starting some seeds inside.   Starting up plants from seeds is the least expensive method for populating your garden. It’s also a fun longer-term project

Attract hummingbirds and butterflies into your outdoor rooms

Nothing says Spring here in the eastern part of the US more than blooming flower gardens. The bursting bright colors are a welcome sight after dull winter skies delivered months of gray and white. Imagine sipping tea, in the quiet of the morning, in your colorful garden. Your outdoor room, made of stone and earth

It’s Patio Season! 4 Ways to Fix Up Your Patio for Spring Fun

We love the concept of patio season – the early Spring to late Autumn months when we can take advantage of the longer days and warmer nights. Outdoor living is about getting use out of your patio space whenever it’s possible. Also, getting some fresh air is always great for health and happiness. If you

Mad about March

We’re trying to make the best of it by looking at ways to still have some fun with the nation’s most exciting basketball tourney. Anything can happen in March Madness, and you can still get some great times out of the rest of the games, even with your busted bracket. An outdoor viewing of the

April Showers- A Pretty Solution for Stormwater Runoff

We’ve all heard that April showers brings May flowers, but for some of us, April’s heavy rainfall can wreak havoc on a landscape design.If you live on a hilly terrain or have property that slopes you may see that a sudden deluge may leave your yard with a mudslide straight through your flower bed or