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Mad about March

We’re trying to make the best of it by looking at ways to still have some fun with the nation’s most exciting basketball tourney. Anything can happen in March Madness, and you can still get some great times out of the rest of the games, even with your busted bracket. An outdoor viewing of the Elite 8, Final Four or Championship Game would be a great way to cheer up you and your friends.

The best trend in landscaping is the concept of an “outdoor room.” Scientists at Harvard list a whole bunch of benefits for spending time outdoors: Your Vitamin D levels rise; absorbing more light improves your mood (necessary after that first round of games); and your kids will get more exercise merely by getting outside more. An outdoor space is meant to extend the living area much like a constructed room addition. You can build an outdoor sports bar!



Back to Basketball

How fun would an outdoor sports bar be? Placing the grill, bar and entertainment center as the focal point of the space could turn your backyard into your own private March Madness Headquarters. Once you have your outdoor space set up, you can enjoy a multitude of events and activities in it – get your Mint Juleps and fancy hats ready for Kentucky Derby! Technology has made an outdoor sports bar and grill even more appealing, with gadgets like wifi extenders and televisions that are designed to be permanently mounted outdoors, even in all-season climate areas. Surround-sound speakers can be hidden in props; such as plastic forms that are shaped like hardscaping rocks. Listen, if you’re going to be out of the running for winning the big March Madness pot, you may as well spend the time whooping it up with fellow college hoops fanatics, right?

Outdoor Sports Bar Design Ideas

Your outdoor space doesn’t need to be elaborate. Defining the area can be done with a simple structure lined with drapes or screens. The secret is to get the right fabrics and building materials. A trick designers use to do this is to utilize products designed for sailing. If anybody knows about all-weather sturdy stuff, it’s boaters. Look for “marine-grade” curtain rods and drapes. Almost every paint manufacturer produces special outdoor paints and finishes for wood, stone or plastic fixtures and furniture. Replicas of sports-bar memorabilia can be painted and sealed to be displayed around your outdoor space.

Here’s the last piece: Name your bar! Every good hangout has a memorable moniker. Perhaps you want to take part in the latest trend of naming your house, then riff off that to name your outdoor sports bar. Get creative. Plus, a good name will save time when telling friends when and where to meet. e.g. a quick text with “Busted Bracket Bar, 7pm” is all you’ll need.

Here’s to the Final Four and all the great games to come.

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