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7 Tips to Help you Plan a Graduation Party for the New Generation

It’s been a long road. They haven’t always walked a straight path but they made it. They are finishing one goal and beginning the steps toward another. Now it’s time to honor their accomplishments. It’s time to place the stepping stone and mark the start of their new lives. Planning to celebrate a milestone moment can get detailed. From the food to the parking to the scheduling and patio rentals, you can run into so many stops and starts that you forget which way you were going in the first place.But with a few modern-day tricks up your sleeve, your load can be a little bit lighter. After all, a party is about good etiquette not simply for your guests but for your honoree and you, too. Here are few awesome shortcuts when planning a party in today’s Internet age.1. Decide on the Guestlist. First and foremost of any party are the guests. How you plan anything and everything for the party will be influenced by the wants and desires of the people you are hosting. The honoree of any party will want to consult on the attendee list. Consider having two different parties – one for family, one for the graduate’s friends. Plan them on the same day or consecutive days to get the most out of any rentals like tents or outdoor picnic tables and chairs.

2. Send electronic invitations. Call those who don’t have email. Save money, time and the environment by forgoing the paper mailings. It’s time to get over the old standby engraved invitations. With electronic invites, you can opt for guests to see other attendees. Carpooling and other combined efforts can be arranged without your help.

3. Devise a hashtag for your event. A hashtag is a unique word after a “#” symbol. e.g., #Denisia2016 or #SmithKid#3GraduationParty. This step is the keystone in modern-day party planning. Everyone from the youngest cousins to the squarest uncles will be posting pictures on social media services like Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. The hashtag allows your guests to share as they are accustomed. Best of all, a hashtag gets you quick access to candid photographs you’ll cherish forever.

4. DIY decorations. Handmade is in. Lovingly-made, imperfect decorations immediately put guests at ease. The craft-sharing site Pinterest has all the ideas and instructions you’ll ever need for any party do-it-yourself project. Gather ideas like printing out bookmark favors on recyclable paper. Find out how to use everyday items like plastic plates and popsicle sticks as signs. Type in “Graduation Party DIY” or “Graduation party crafts” on or If you can’t do the DIY-ing yourself, hire a crafty kid or friend to do it for you. TIP: If you are having an outdoor party, be sure to anchor down lightweight centerpieces.

5. Search for and order everything online. And get it delivered. Even grocery stores have free or very-low fee delivery services now. Also, you can score discounts if you look through group coupon sites like or Look for deals early by typing in “Tent rental discount” or “party supplies sales” to your favorite search engine. Many vendors have coupons on their website. Taking a few minutes to look could save you lots.

6. Prepare the patio. You’ve ordered tents in case of rain or strong sun. Set a good stage for them by giving your patio a good cleaning. Making it look fresh will make even the cloudiest day brighter.

7. Add beautiful bug-repelling elements. Set out an attractive basket of various bug sprays (make sure to include a “kid-friendly” one) for your guests. Consider tiki torches filled with citronella or getting a one-time professional spray that can last for days. Make sure to rid the garden and yard of any standing water. Look for natural bug-repelling tips online.

8. Use your outdoor hardscape! Got a brick pizza oven? Hire an experienced pizza chef for the day to set up a personal-pizza table. Think of creative ways to use the outdoor space you already have.

Remember, the World Wide Web is a part of your child’s life. Planning a party using the best sites the Internet has to offer is a fitting way to send them off right into their undoubtedly fast and fabulous future.

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