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Unique Design Elements Using Pavers Circles!

Nothing boosts your home’s “Wow Factor” than a beautifully designed outdoor living space. Well-planned outdoor rooms not only add value to your home (sometimes increasing sales price up to 20%), they add value to your life.

The concept of designing a stunning patio or other outdoor area can intimidate homeowners. But here’s a secret: all good design is simple. A few tried-and-true favorites mixed with one or two unexpected delights is all you need. Let’s look at one easy and unique way to add a surprise element to your space that can automatically add style and grace to your home.

Take a look at some our beautiful stone patio circles. These are examples from our gallery.

Stone Paver Circle Kit

Circle Kits can be added to any paver hardscape plan and installed by your contractor. Circle kit stone pavers come in all colors and can match your existing pavers, or you can choose a contrasting color scheme.

Flexible and multi-use spaces are the best way to get the most bang for your buck, and paver circles make a natural living space for all seasons. A patio circle is ready for a round table for brunch in the Spring, an umbrella and lounger in the Summer, a cozy fire pit for roasting marshmallows in the Fall, and an igloo snow fort in the Winter.

Added Tips for Patio and Walkway Design

What you need to know about incorporating a paver circle kit in your hardscape plan:

  • Be bold! Reach for the “Wow!” factor.
  • Circles can be installed anywhere on your property. Front walks, driveways, pool patios or backyard spaces. Circle kits can also be installed on their own; They don’t have to be connected to walkways. Consider a circle kit for your garden.
  • Make sure to get a kit. Circle kits have special wedge-shaped stones that allow the pavers to be arranged in a circle. Attempting to make a circle with regularly shaped pavers will result in a lot of gaps.
  •  If you are thinking about incorporating a circle into your front walkways, think about foot traffic. Where would a natural pause happen before guests approach your home’s front door? That’s the perfect spot for a paver circle.
  • Existing pavement can be incorporated into new hardscaping plans or totally redesigned. No need to keep the same footprint of the walkway. Anything’s possible, so have fun with it! EP Henry pavers are manufactured using Duraface technology. This exclusive process concentrates a layer of cement and pigment on the surface of the paver, resulting in a richer color, smoother surface and a paver with unparalleled durability

Work with a qualified contractor. They know a lot about good hardscape design, and they can do the heavy lifting. We have a list of EP Henry Authorized Hardscaping Installers here. Let us help you find one in your area today. Contact EP Henry

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