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Paver Planning Series: Patterns

When planning a new Hardscape, there are lots of choices and decisions to make. In this short series of articles, we’re going to talk about the patterns, colors and textures available with concrete paving stones. Masonry is artistry. Laying brick and stone is an ancient practice that has been handed down throughout millennia. Pavers benefit

Herringbone: this classic paver pattern is trending

Timeless features make a home distinctive. The brickwork pattern for your outdoor walkways or driveways is a place to express the home’s unique character. While there are many layouts and pavers to choose from, the classic herringbone pattern stands the test of time. It looks equally impressive in walkways, patios and driveways. According to lifestyle

How Paver Patterns Help Define Outdoor Living Spaces

If you’ve decided to have a patio, pool deck or walkway installed using pavers, you probably read it over and over again while you were researching your options: ‘The possibilities are endless” and “Limited only by your imagination”.  While not quite infinite, when you consider color, texture, and pattern options, there are quite a lot-

Patio styles from the 1950s to today

Everything from hemlines and haircuts, architecture and art are subject to the whims of fashion. Patios are no exception. A few distinct styles have emerged over the years, but some parts of patio design will always be timeless. Let’s look at different patio styles over the past few decades. The 1950s “mid-century” look was popular

Old World look: 3 Cobble Styles to consider

Traditional style homes can be challenging to landscape. Fortunately there are pavers designed specifically to complement centuries-old structures. The trick to updating the landscape and hardscape of an older home is using the right paving stones. Many original streets in the New England territories are often said to have been paved with leftover ballast from

Paver porches: For the forever season

Wiling away the wistful summer evenings on the porch is one of the best relaxation methods around. But that peace and quiet can be disturbed when old wood porches have seen too many seasons. Instead of replacing worn and warped wood again, think about using pavers. Pavers come in a variety of styles and colors,

Points of interest: Draw the eye to these garden and patio focal points

Walk up to your space as guests would. What is the first thing you see and what is the biggest element? A homeowner’s eye may be drawn to a different object or scene than a guest’s view. People tend to look at the center of things or the biggest thing. If that object is a

Defining 5 Terms an EP Henry Authorized Hardscaping Contractor® May Use

Congratulations! You’re starting a new hardscaping project that will beautify your landscape and create a space for making many happy memories. But what did your contractor say again? Masonry, like all other professional areas, has its own glossary of terms. The hardscaping industry borrows many of these for describing the flatwork of installing pavers. Learning

Dream of Sunnier Plains: Southwestern inspiration for the patio

Many stone traditions are available to emulate in your patio design. The architecture of the Italian Renaissance or an American Colonial theme inspire many homeowners. But what about a little taste of the American Southwest? When visiting the Southwest, you understand why the ancients worshipped the sun. The light is bright and the heat is

You in stone: Personalize your patio design

A new patio is a fantastic home improvement. It will likely increase the value of your property. A new Hardscape is an entirely new living space and most importantly, contributes to your overall enjoyment of being outside. Installing a Hardscape is like adding another room to your house. We don’t call them “outdoor rooms” for