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Old World look: 3 Cobble Styles to consider

Traditional style homes can be challenging to landscape. Fortunately there are pavers designed specifically to complement centuries-old structures. The trick to updating the landscape and hardscape of an older home is using the right paving stones. Many original streets in the New England territories are often said to have been paved with leftover ballast from European ships, but this theory has been debunked. Nevertheless, cobblestone is instantly recognizable for its worn edges and its soothing, natural colors.“Cobblestone” in modern terms refers to stone or paving stones with rounded edges. EP Henry’s Cobble Stone line adopts all the best reminders of old cobblestone but is safer for walking and driving, is more economical and is stunningly beautiful. Paver systems are today’s options for a traditional home’s walkways, pool decks, patios and more.


3 Tips about Cobble Stone Pavers

1.         Get the Old World look. Cobble Stone pavers are great options for historic areas and buildings and roads with existing natural cobblestone surfaces. Old Towne Cobble or Imperial Cobble Stone are two of EP Henry’s options.

2.         Color variety is important. Cobble pavers mimic the varied colors of natural stone. Different hues bring depth and dimension to the paver surface. The wide range of colors of these pavers can complement any existing exterior.

3.         Rounded edges are key. The “worn,” soft edge of a Cobble paver is its signature look. Natural stone tumbled by time rarely sport sharp sides, so Cobble pavers have a softer edge than other pavers meant for more modern spaces. The main paver shapes are typically square or rectangular, and can be arranged in various patterns, including herringbone, I-patterns, and random sequences.


Exterior or landscape designers can assist any homeowner of a heritage home in choosing the right Cobble Stone paver for the project (e.g.. EP Henry’s Imperial Cobble Stone in Granite for a Roman-architecture building). Keeping the Old World look in tact is the priority, and a good contractor or designer can help achieve a seamless transition from the old to the new old world surface.

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