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Team Day: Show your spirit on the patio

Football season is here. Is your patio ready? Across the country and perhaps the world, folks have gathered online and in person to painstakingly draft together their fantasy teams. College football fans have kicked off their semester, full of hope and anticipation for a winning record. Football season is back!

It’s time to get excited and gear up. Breaking out the old hoodies or splurging on a new t-shirt are the enthusiastic fan’s yearly rituals. We host small get togethers to watch our beloved alma mater or local champs win again. We have already posted some hints for hosting a fun football party on the patio. Getting team decor together can be as simple as visiting your local party store. But stopping there is for amateurs. If you want to up your superfan game, you’ll need to go beyond the typical Pittsburgh paper plates or plastic Towson State tumblers. Move into the realm of outdoor fan statements. Think big-league decor for the patio. Here are some examples from around the Web:

1.         Team Fire Pits.The Woodland Direct company has the fire pit for the heart that burns for its team. A rolled steel drum laser cut with your team’s logo is a superfan’s way to light up game nights. We’ve also seen paver fire pits made in the shape of team logos. Where there’s a will, there’s a mascot fire pit.

2.         Grill the grid iron.The Fanmats company specializes in lining your patio with perfect team accessories like this grill mat. On the web, outdoor accessories with your team’s logo can be found. Look for branded grill covers, Adirondack chairs, area rugs, seat cushions, cornhole bags, blankets, drapery, and utensils.





3.         Sculptures. A garden can be enhanced by a well-placed sculpture. A beautiful rendition of your team’s mascot or logo can be placed on a paver wall or column. Pergolas can be painted in team colors. Turn up the level of sophistication in your loyalty and go for some high-quality art.

Patios are perfect for football parties. It’s great to get out in the open air, toss the old pigskin around, eat, drink and be spirited with fellow fans. Excitement only builds when we’re surrounded by the symbols of the team we love best. Get creative and step it up. A whole new level of dedication to your champs awaits.

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