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Cool looks for a hot patio

Oppressive heat and humidity can put a damper on outdoor living space enjoyment. Fear not, mid-summer heat can be beat.  Unless you have a pool that you can jump into, July and August’s soaring heat and humidity can sometimes stifle outdoor fun. While inexpensive, portable water bottles are easy to come by, they’re not ideal

Beyond the Flintstones: concrete pieces for the patio

Want something that’s sturdy and will stand up to all kinds of weather? Concrete furniture has come a long way since the yabba-dabba-doo days. A concrete couch may be a fun patio accessory to a die-hard Flintstone fan, but its heavy look and feel isn’t likely to start trending. Concrete furniture can be harsh. Municipalities

Rumble under the patio: outside earthquake damage to look for

On November 30, 2017, an earthquake shook the area of Dover, Delaware. Rumblings of the quake, which measured 4.1 on the Richter scale, were felt in a very large radius from the epicenter. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), even a “light” earthquake warrants a check of your home, landscape and patio for

Punctuate your patio with texture: Add visual and tactile interest to your Hardscape

There are many elements to interior design. Color, light, lines, shapes (forms) and texture are all applied principles of design that are immediately noticeable in a room. These principles also apply when building and decorating exterior rooms. One design element that is often overlooked on the patio is texture. “Texture” is a visual as well

Grass tech fills in the gaps: Synthetic turf and patio pavers

Artificial grass has come a long way. It’s not the fake grass made of sharp bright green plastic found in the cheesy store displays of yore. If you are looking for a great-looking, low-to-no maintenance solution for your landscape, you may want to give synthetic grass another look. The new artificial grasses can fool the

Renew, refresh or replace? Paver answers for a perfect patio

Time heals all wounds, but time and Mother Nature can leave their marks on your pavers. There are handy tricks to freshen up the look of your sturdy, steady patio pavers. Many of the questions we get about pavers have to do with cleaning them. Usually a gentle rinse down with a hose will be

3 things to know to keep your pavers looking great

A paver patio is a big investment with huge returns to your home value and life satisfaction. The best part: upkeep is simple. 1. Sweep first   Here’s the order of care for pavers: Sweep, hose, soap. Most of the time your pavers won’t need anything but a pass-through with the broom. A good sweeping

Anticipate the roadblocks your contractor may encounter

Getting a patio or pool installed is a major project. Here’s what your contractor wants you to know about the common problems workers face when construction begins. Good communication is the best skill a homeowner can bring to a project. Many difficulties can be avoided when both the homeowner and the contractor are aware of

Making an Entrance- Patio Doors Aren’t What They Used To Be

As you know, adding a paved patio or outdoor living space is an investment in both time and money; but like any major improvement, the payoff is enormous and lasts for generations to come. One of the things that shouldn’t be overlooked when you are planning your backyard oasis is the back door.  Remember, no matter how

Outdoor Living; Ooh-la-la! French Country Style

When it comes to French décor, you may think of the opulent style of Marie Antoinette.  Her over-the-top neoclassical style, as seen in the Palace of Versailles, has been copied the world over. Maybe you think of a Parisian café, or the bright colors and distinct patterns of Provencal décor.However, when it comes to decorating