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3 things to know to keep your pavers looking great

A paver patio is a big investment with huge returns to your home value and life satisfaction. The best part: upkeep is simple.

1. Sweep first


Here’s the order of care for pavers: Sweep, hose, soap. Most of the time your pavers won’t need anything but a pass-through with the broom. A good sweeping when the patio and air have been dry for several days is all you usually need for upkeep of your paver patios, walkways, driveways, and any outdoor rooms. Use a hose next if the pavers still seem dingy (never use a power washer on its “stream” setting. The “fan” spray held waist high is sufficient).

Pool deck pavers should be periodically checked for signs of mold or mildew in areas where water collects. Follow the instructions that came with the pavers, but almost all pavers can be washed with a mild soap like Simple Green. Spot clean them carefully. For particularly difficult stains (motor oil or grease) you can easily replace the pavers. Grab a paver from your backup stack and pop it in place of the stained one, or call your contractor to help. (Check Pinterest for ideas to upcycle the old paver into a doorstop or other crafts.)

2. Stink-eye the stain-makers

Natural materials like gingko fruits or man-made liquids like wine may stain your patio’s type of paver. Know the seasons of the tree fruits in your area. Watch for dark-berry bird droppings or wet leaves drying in the hot sun. Keep a leaf-blower and hose handy. Depending on the season and your area, some weeks you may use them more than once. As for man-made stains, a little vigilance can go a long way. A post-party sweep may be a helpful routine to adopt.

3. Research the sealants

Sealing isn’t necessary for pavers, but some homeowners opt to seal their project for a glossy, wet look. Sealing your pavers is an option to discuss with your contractor. If you do choose to seal the pavers, you will have to re-seal them every 2 to 3 years. While it was once believed that sealing protected pavers, EP Henry’s Duraface™ pavers have a Lifetime Warranty and do not require sealing. Our process of bonding super-smooth cement with fine aggregates and pigment was perfected in Europe (where the cement paver was invented) to provide you with low-maintenance, stain-resistant pavers that look great for decades. There are imitations out there, but we’re the Duraface™ originators.

Love the patio paver lifestyle

Pavers are popular because they are mostly a set-it-and-forget-it type of patio surface. They last and look great for decades. A sweep or two of the leaves in fall is all the cleaning many families do to keep up their paver surfaces. Others enjoy sweeping daily when weather permits. It’s up to you. Just don’t do more than the pavers need, and make sure to always follow manufacturer directions. You’ll enjoy a clean and gorgeous patio for years.

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